Sticky Filth

New Zealand’s provincial punk groups earned respect the hard way. Playing where and when they could. Standing their ground against competing sub-cultures and the police. Raking up the bucks for trips out of town to record and play. Getting the records out. The further from the main centres they were, the harder it was.

Just ask New Plymouth trio Sticky Filth, who’ve been putting punk rock before New Zealand eyes and ears for 30 years now. They have toured Australia twice, played more New Zealand shows than they can remember and released the country’s finest catalogue of metallic punk.

Craig Radford
Sticky Filth
Chris Snowdon, Craig Radford, Dave Hunt in New Plymouth, 1988
Craig Radford - Light Night (solo)
Dave Hunt, Craig Radford, and Chris Snowdon
Sticky Filth's 1997 lathe-cut 10-inch EP Witches
Sticky Filth
Craig Radford
Weep Woman Weep
The 1986 cassette only release The Lion And The Witch
The 1994 Def Through Misadventure EP was released on Brian Wafer's Ima Hitt label. Recorded in 1990, it was pressed on purple vinyl and only 200 were made, thus making it instantly internationally collectable.
Craig Radford
Craig Radford at the White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth 1988
Chris Snowdon, Dave Hunt and Craig Radford
Chris Snowdon, Dave Hunt and Craig Radford
Craig Radford, White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth 1988
Chris Snowdon and Craig Radford
Chris Snowdon, Craig Radford and Mark Hill
Craig Radford, Chris Snowdon, Dave Hunt in the late 1980s
Craig Radford
Sticky Filth, late 1980s
Craig Radford talks Sticky Filth, 2013
Craig Radford, Chris Snowdon, Dave Hunt, late 1980s
Dig You Up

Ima Hitt

Vinyl Countdown



Craig Radford - vocals, bass, guitar

Chris Snowdon - vocals, guitar, bass

Dave Hunt - drums

Colin Long - bass

Pete Westbury - drums

Paul Tattersall - drums

Mark Hill - drums

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