The Gordons

Arguably the most sonically challenging New Zealand act of their generation, influential Christchurch band The Gordons created a sound that still resonates over three decades on.

The inaugural IMNZ Classic Record award, presented in April 2013, went to the 1981 debut album by The Gordons.

The Gordons at Sweetwaters, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
Filming The Gordons at Sweetwaters, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
From rear - Alister Parker, John Halvorsen and Brent McLachlan in 1980
Photo credit: Stuart Page Collection
Extended Play on 95bFM
Adults And Children
Design: John Halversen
John Halvorsen, 1981
Photo credit: Photo by Mole Burrows
Design: John Halversen
John Halvorsen and Alister Parker fronting The Gordons at Christchurch's Gladstone Hotel, 1980
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon Bartram
The 1980 7-inch EP Future Shock was recorded in Auckland at Harlequin Studios and released independently by the band. It would later be reissued by Flying Nun.
Design: John Halversen
Jane Walker, Paul Kean and Alister Parker in The Basket Cases at The Gresham, circa 1978, pre-Toy Love and The Gordons
Photo credit: Ian Dalziel
The Gordons pre-gig at a Cuba Street venue
Photo credit: Wayne Tomuri. Via Up The Punks
The Gordons, 1980: Alister Parker, Brent McLachlan and John Halvorsen
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick

Flying Nun

Gordonoid, Inc.



Brent McLachlan - drums

Vince Pinker - guitar

John Halvorsen - guitar, bass, vocals

Alister Parker - guitar, bass, vocals

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