aka Nelsh Bailter Space, Bailter Space

The Clean’s Hamish Kilgour and The Gordons’ Alister Parker in the same band? It didn’t seem right at first – with The Clean being a collision of psych-rock and folk-pop and The Gordons leaning more to metallic art rock.

But it brought out the best from both, delivering a diversity of sound around an underlying common ground of post-punk discord and German early 1970s rhythms and beats.

Alister Parker with Bailterspace, year unknown
Bailterspace in the late 1990s: John Halvorsen, Alister Parker and Brent McLachlan
Bailterspace, 1997: John Halvorsen, Brent McLachlan and Alister Parker
Bailterspace in 1997 - Brent McLachlan, Alister Parker, John Halvorsen
Photo credit: Photo by Jono Rotman
Bailterspace circa 2012: Brent McLachlan and Alister Parker
Bailterspace with Hamish Kilgour, New York City 1988
Alister Parker on the cover of Stamp, May 1990
Bailterspace in 1996: Alister Parker, Brent McLachlan and John Halvorsen
Right Now
Bailterspace, 1998: John Halvorsen, Brent McLachlan and Alister Parker
nterview with Bailter Space, 26 May 1994. Directed by Ross Cunningham.
World We Share
Bailterspace in New York City, 1997: John Halvorsen, Alister Parker and Brent McLachlan
New Man
Bailterspace, 1998: John Halvorsen, Brent McLachlan, Alister Parker
Bailterspace in 1998: John Halvorsen, Alister Parker and Brent McLachlan
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Bailterspace, 1997: John Halvorsen, Alister Parker, Brent McLachlan
Bailterspace in 1994 - Brent McLachlan, John Halvorsen, Alister Parker
Photo credit: Photo by Jeremy Pollard
Grader Spader (live at the Gluepot 1991) Bob Sutton Collection

Flying Nun





Arch Hill Recordings



Alister Parker - vocals, guitar

Hamish Kilgour - drums

Ross Humphries - bass

Glenda Bills - synth

John Halvorsen - bass

Brent McLachlan - drums

Todd Lindner - bass

Ian Ljungquist - bass


McLachlan and Halvorsen were both members of the latter day Skeptics.

Brent McLachlan is a well-regarded record producer responsible for a sublime run of late 1980s / early 1990s albums captured at Writhe Studios in Wellington for The Bats, T.A.B, Bailterspace, Sticky Filth, Snapper, The Terminals, David Kilgour and Skeptics.

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