Hamish Kilgour Profile

Michael Higgins
29 Nov 2013

One of New Zealand music’s maverick spirits, Hamish Kilgour formed The Clean with younger brother David in Dunedin in the late 70s.

A major part of Flying Nun’s early success, they have been hugely influential internationally, particularly in US indie circles, where fans include members of Pavement and Yo La Tengo.

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Hamish Kilgour talks about The Clean 0n 95bFM's Extended Play
The Great Unwashed 'Neck Of The Woods' video shoot. The curtains in the back became the covers for the ill-fated 2x7-inch release, that rendered the vinyl unplayable. L to R: Stuart Page (with Pete Gutt mask by Ronnie Van Hout), Greg Rood (Dir), David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour. TVNZ studios, the "Miss NZ set", 1984
Photo credit: Stuart Page collection
Hamish Kilgour and Roger Shepherd, Flying Nun offices, mid 80s. The lines on it are by photographer Stu Page, in an attempt to hand-define the photo more
Photo credit: Photo by Stuart Page
The Great Unwashed | Neck of the Woods
Hamish Kilgour on EVR.com's The Holy Shit Sound talking about seeing The Ramones
The Bilders - America (Live at Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, 18 May, 2013)
Bailterspace with Hamish Kilgour, New York City 1988
Hamish Kilgour, The Secret Project, NYC 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Ian Laughlin
The Bilders (as per the 2013 album Flavour Of The Meat), Bill Direen, David Watson, Miggy Littleton, Hamish Kilgour, snapped in a NY Subway, the evening after their recording session
Photo credit: Courtesy of Bill Direen
Hamish Kilgour, The Secret Project, NYC 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Ian Laughlin
The Mad Scene, Brooklyn, NYC, 2004 - Hamish Kilgour, Robert Vickers, Lisa Siegel
Photo credit: Photo by Stuart Page
Letter from Hamish Kilgour to writer Andrew Schmidt, circa 1983
Hamish Kilgour, Auckland 1979, perhaps with The Sobs
Photo credit: Photo by Jamie Jetson. Deborah Colette Gilchrist-Shadbolt collection

After The Clean split in mid-1979, Hamish, now as a frontman, formed The Sobs in Auckland with Michael Lawry, Gary Hunt and Peter Hoffman, ex-Terrorways. They were short-lived and he soon headed back to Dunedin.


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