The Mad Scene

aka Monsterland

Since 1990, The Mad Scene has been the “other” project for New York based Hamish Kilgour, who founded legendary Flying Nun band The Clean with his brother David in the late seventies.

Following The Clean’s initial split in 1982, the Kilgour brothers formed The Great Unwashed. Hamish was an early member of Bailter Space and, after performing with them at a New Music Seminar, he stayed in New York where he met his future wife and band mate Lisa Siegel.

Sweet Dreams (Live at Cake Shop NYC, 14 August, 2009)
The Mad Scene, Brooklyn, NYC, 2004 - Hamish Kilgour, Robert Vickers, Lisa Siegel
Photo credit: Photo by Stuart Page
Blip, 2012

Hamish Kilgour - drums, guitar, vocals

Lisa Siegel - guitar, vocals

Danny Mañetto - vocals, drums

Bill Gerstel - drums

Robert Vickers - bass


Flying Nun


Merge Records



Danny Mañetto was the cello player on Straitjacket Fits’ ‘She Speeds’ and went on to play in Voom.

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