The Pin Group

In the years following the planned demise of The Pin Group in March 1982, the Christchurch trio remained an obscure footnote to an era full with creative bustle and endeavour.

Their 17 months of active musical life had hardly been high profile to start with. The Pin Group’s Roy Montgomery (guitar, vocals), Desmond Brice then Ross Humphries (bass, vocals), and Peter Stapleton (drums) practised lots, but played barely a dozen shows in the Garden City.

Extended Play: The Pin Group Go To Town - Peter Stapleton
The Pin Group in their practice room, 1981
The Pin Group Go To Town, a 12-inch EP from 1982
Ambivalence, the debut Pin Group 7-inch, with the very first Flying Nun catalogue number: FN001
The 1981 Pin Group 7-inch Coat b/w Jim, came in at least 8 different handscreened covers
The very first Flying Nun advert with The Clean and Pin Group
The Shallows - Suzanne Said
The Pin Group at the Gladstone, December 21, 1981
Photo credit: Design by Ronnie van Hout

Flying Nun



Roy Montgomery - guitar, vocals

Desmond Brice - bass

Peter Stapleton - drums

Ross Humphries - bass, vocals

Peter Fryer - viola

Mary Heney - guitar, vocals


Roy Montgomery is a senior lecturer in environment, society and design at Lincoln University.

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