Terry Dean and The Nitebeats

Terry Dean was the smooth Samoan-American vocalist behind four finger-snapping, hip-shaking 1960s beat singles on Auckland’s Mascot label.

Born Terry Fidow in Samoa, he moved to New Zealand at age 8, growing up in Ponsonby, where he spent time with the King Cobras gang. Fidow spent his fiery early 1960s years as a jobbing vocalist in Auckland (including a period fronting Freddie Keil's band) and in the mid-1960s, fronting The Nitebeats.

The debut single, backed with Your Mamma's Outta Town, released on Bruce Barton's Mascot label in 1964
Because She Loves You
Errol Timbers recording in the Mascot Studios, Pacific Building (now demolished) on the corner of Queen and Wellesley Streets, Auckland
Andrew Quayle, Alex Behrens, Leo Sleeman, Peter Jones, Terry Dean and Errol Timbers in 1964
Terry Dean and The Nitebeats, 1964 -Errol Timbers, Dave Ball, Warren McMillan, Allan Hodgson, Tony Rawnsley (roadie, and later in The Underdogs)
This Little Girl Of Mine
I'll Keep Walkin
Terry Dean and The Nitebeats at Auckland's Treble Clef nightclub, circa 1964
I'll Follow Her
The Nitebeats with Cathy Howe at the Treble Clef, Auckland 1964 - Leo Sleeman, Alex Behrens, Cathy Howe
Always On My Mind
Terry Dean and The Nitebeats at the Treble Clef, Auckland, 1964 - Leo Sleeman, Errol Timbers, Terry Dean, Alex Behrens, Peter Jones
If I Can

Errol Timbers became a potter in the 1970s before moving to Brisbane in 1989 where he still lives and plays. Over the years he's played in several successful club bands both in Australasia and further abroad.

In Sydney Terry Dean was offered, signed, then walked away from a singing contract in the NSW clubs and one that promised Hawaii - the gig instead went to a young John Rowles. He was homesick.

Terry Dean was briefly managed by future pirate radio legend Derek Lowe.


Dave Ball

Alex Behrens - drums

Terry Dean - vocals

Gary Hollis - piano

Peter Jones - rhythm guitar

Billy Peters - guitar

Andrew Quaile

Leo Sleeman - bass

Errol Timbers - lead guitar

Buddy Wilson - rhythm guitar

Allan Hodgson - drums

Peter Cox - bass

Johnny Willetts - guitar



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