The Feelers

The Feelers emerged out of Christchurch in the nineties and assailed the music charts with catchy, slick rock hits. They sold 250,000 units over five multi-platinum albums with a hefty seven No.1 singles, and set themselves up as a monolithic presence on the local rock scene.

For a period of time, The Feelers provided a background soundtrack to New Zealand life and their career maps the course of local commercial music at the turn of the new millennium.

Matt Thomas, James Reid, Hamish Gee
Snakes - Live, Rise Up Christchurch CBS Arena, 2011
The 1994 Dunedin Battle Of The Bands, won by The Feelers. They used the prize to record and York Street Studios.
As Good As It Gets
Stand Up - Live, Rise Up Christchurch CBS Arena, 2011
Dasvidaniya (I Can Change)
Pressure Man
Making Music short documentary with James Reid and his brother Donald reid
The Fear
Didn't Want To Fall In Love
Fishing For Lisa
The Feelers - Matt Thomas, Hamish Gee, and James Reid
The Feelers at the 2000 NZ Music Awards with producer Malcolm Welsford
Blue Skies

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Tim Skedden played guitar with The Feelers during their early years and continued to fill in for live shows until Andy Lynch joined the group. Skedden was also a founding member of Op-shop, but unfortunately, he also left that group just prior to them gaining mainstream success.


James Reid - vocals, guitar

Hamish Gee - drums

Matt Thomas - bass

Andy Lynch - guitar

Matt Short - bass

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