The Phoenix Foundation

In the early 2000s, Wellington’s music scene was known for dub-reggae hybrid bands and hard rockers Shihad, rather than a sextet of often hirsute alt-rockers which took its name from a well-known TV action series.

The Phoenix Foundation has gone from being a band with a local cult following to winning national awards and playing on international music shows and festivals, while their recordings regularly gain good press.

Publicity shot for Buffalo.
The Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
The Phoenix Foundation - Evolution Did
On Later With Jools Holland, 2011.
Photo credit: Photo by Matt Mcleod
The Phoenix Foundation - Flock of Hearts
Luke Buda recording guitar overdubs on Fandango at Roundhead Studios.
The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain (2015)
Set list from Botanique, Brussels, January 2011.
Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
Phoenix Foundation on their first tour, pictured outside the Kings Arms in 2000. The photo includes Lynley Hill (their early manager) and Nic McGowan (sound). The China Cove lineup, it also features Tui Langford (bass) and Noel Phear (drums).
The Phoenix Foundation - Tranquility with Hollie Fullbrook
Friend Ship, 2020.
The Happy Ending album cover in front of Edvard Munch's The Scream in Oslo taken by a fan and gifted to The Phoenix Foundation.
Rehearsing for a short NZ tour with Ryan Prebble filling in for Will Ricketts, who was touring Europe with Connan Mockasin at the time.
The Phoenix Foundation - Landline
The Phoenix Foundation - Bitte Bitte - live for The Fly Sessions
The Phoenix Foundation's 2014 CD/digital EP Tom's Lunch which included the Record Store Day 2014 7-inch vinyl release Bob Lennon John Dylan / Asswipe.
The Phoenix Foundation in The Ramen Shop, Newtown, Wellington, 2015: L-R, Luke Buda, Conrad Wedde, Tom Callwood, Samuel Scott, Chris O'Connor and Will Ricketts.
Photo credit: Photo by Will Moore
The Phoenix Foundation in 2007.
The Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams (starring Bret McKenzie, 2015)
Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
The Phoenix Foundation - Decision Dollars with Hollie Fullbrook, 2020
The Phoenix Foundation - Hounds of Hell with Nadia Reid
The Phoenix Foundation - Let Me Die A Woman
The 2015 digital only Big Mac single release to support the Black Caps. It was written, recorded and released all on the same day in March.
Yadana Saw and Samuel Flynn Scott road test the Phoenix Foundation's new album Friend Ship, August 2020
The Phoenix Foundation - Pot
The Phoenix Foundation at Paradiso, Amsterdam, January 2011.
The Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Photo by Ebony Lamb
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
The Phoenix Foundation play London's Scala to a sold-out crowd in 2011.
The Phoenix Foundation - Flock of Hearts- live at Rough Trade East, London 25/01/11
Doing overdubs for Fandango at the band's studio/practice space in Wellington.
Phoenix Foundation – 20 Years box set.
The Phoenix Foundation - Wildlife
The Phoenix Foundation at London's Scala in 2011.
The Phoenix Foundation - Hitchcock
The Phoenix Foundation - Bright Grey (album version)
The Phoenix Foundation - Damn The River
Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
The Phoenix Foundation - Black Mould (Live Sundae Session)
The Phoenix Foundation - This Charming Van
Fandango promo shot. The first photos with new drummer Chris O'Connor. L to R: Luke Buda, Conrad Wedde, Samuel Scott, Will Ricketts, Tom Callwood, Chris O'Connor.
Luke Buda and Samuel Scott (with Richie Singleton and Tom Callwood behind) at The Scala, June 2, 2011.
The Phoenix Foundation - Bleaching Sun
Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams CD.
Tom Callwood and Luke Buda recording Fandango in 2012, at Roundhead Studios in Auckland. Luke is holding one of Neil Finn's Les Paul Goldtop guitars.
The Phoenix Foundation - Slightest Shift In The Weather
The Phoenix Foundation on their first visit to London, 2007.
The Phoenix Foundation.
Photo credit: Photo by Joachim Zimmermann
Phoenix Foundation, 2020.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
On the Buffalo European tour. The Phoenix Foundation are in the car park of a motel on the outskirts of Paris, where they spent three days decompressing after 23 shows in a row without a day off.
European Tour video made by Tom Callwood, synched to a live version of Wildlife recorded in Paris
The Phoenix Foundation - 40 Years
The 2014 Record Store Day limited edition (500 copies) 7-inch single 'Bob Lennon John Dylan'.
The Phoenix Foundation - The Captain
Publicity shot for Buffalo.
Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo 10-year anniversary vinyl release.
Luke Buda, Lee Prebble, Samuel Scott with the Tui Awards for the 2010 Best Producer for The Phoenix Foundations' Buffalo.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Recorded Music New Zealand
The winning entry in the Phoenix Foundation "Design a buffalo" T-shirt competition.
The Phoenix Foundation's 6th album Give Up Your Dreams, released in August 2015.
The Phoenix Foundation - Going Fishing
The Phoenix Foundation - All In An Afternoon
Chris O'Connor and Tom Callwood at a Christmas function. This was O'Connor's first live gig with the band.
The Phoenix Foundation - Love Is The Drug - Live 2008

Samuel Flynn Scott - vocals, guitars, keyboards

Luke Buda - vocals, guitars, keyboards

Conrad Wedde - guitars, keyboards

Will Ricketts - keyboards, percussion

Chris O'Connor - drums

Tim Hansen - bass

Warner Emery - bass

Richie Singleton - drums

Tom Callwood - bass


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