Dr Lee Prebble Profile

Martyn Pepperell
Published: 20 May 2013
Updated: 31 Jul 2019

Dr Lee Prebble is a Wellington-based recording engineer, record producer and multi-instrumentalist with his name on a raft of important and influential New Zealand recordings.

Prebble has gathered recording, production and co-production credits for albums from TrinityRoots, The Phoenix Foundation, The Black Seeds, Spartacus R, Cornerstone Roots, Fly My Pretties, Family Cactus and The Inkling. As a musician, he has played in The Woolshed Sessions, The Friendly Barnacle and Bunnies On Ponies. He has also played with Jess Chambers.

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Lee Prebble on Radio Wammo
Luke Buda, Lee Prebble, Samuel Scott with the Tui Awards for the 2010 Best Producer for The Phoenix Foundations' Buffalo.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Recorded Music New Zealand
Lee Prebble and The Phoenix Foundation in the studio
Interview with The Woolshed Sessions

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