The Supersonics

In the late 1950s the suburbs leading out of Wellington to the north via State Highway 1 were a mix of gorse and scrub, farmland, a few quickly developed and still bare state house subdivisions, plus baches, seaside housing and ribbon retail.

The very sleepy seaside village of Mana had a hall, a couple of stores, a gas station (or benzene, as people called it then) clustered around a railway station. It also had a rock and band: The Mana Quintet, who played the halls and dances in the Mana, Porirua and Titahi Bay area, where the band lived.

The Supersonics - Perfidia (HMV, 1960)
The Supersonics - at the back: Pat Southee, Barry Walden, Jim McNaught, Richard Cooper. In the front: Bob Southee and Phil Campbell. The outfits were a trademark.
The Supersonics - Walk Don't Run (HMV, 1960)
A programme for a rock'n'roll show promoted by Trevor King, with the Supersonics topping the bill. Jim McNaught is on the far right.
Photo credit: Trevor King/Chris Bourke Collection
The Supersonics - The Frightened City (HMV, 1961)

Barry Walden - bass, guitar, piano, vocals

Pat Southee - piano

Bob Southee - guitar

Phil Campbell - guitar

Richard Cooper - bass

Jim McNaught - drums, vocals

Leo Gillingham - drums

Bryan Miller - drums

Joey Nicholls - guitar



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