Tony Hopkins

Tony Hopkins did it all, superstar tours and failed ventures, outdoor festivals and dingy bars, top dollar and no dollar, playing blues, bossa nova, reggae, rock, funk, hip hop, and jazz in its many forms, and he did it all with a smile on his face.

Anthony Leonard Hopkins was born in Wellington in 1940. His parents separated when he was 12 and he went to live with an older sister on a farm at Te Toro on the Āwhitu Peninsula.

Merv Thomas with drummer Tony Hopkins.
Photo credit: Merv Thomas Collection
The Devils - this was the band that toured NZ with Johnny in the late 1950s
Tony Hopkins being presented with the Variety Artists Club Scroll of Honour music award by his son Tim Hopkins in Auckland, New Zealand, 28 October, 2012.
Marlene Tong live at the Colony backed by the Mike Walker Trio: Mike Walker (piano), Tony Hopkins (drums), Neville Whitehead (bass).
The Bob Paris Band in the late 1950s: Mick Dawson, Bob Paris, Brian Smith, Keith Graham and Tony Hopkins
Johnny Devlin and The Devils at Western Springs, Auckland, January 1959 - Devlin, Peter Bazley, Claude Papesch, Keith Graham, and (out of picture) Tony Hopkins
Nigel Gavin, Tony Hopkins, Ross Mullins and Peter Scott at the Wintergardens in the Auckland Domain, 1990s. 
Photo credit: Ross Mullins collection
Johnny Devlin and The Devils at Western Springs, January 1959. From left: Johnny Devlin, Claude Papesch, Peter Bazley, Keith Graham, and Tony Hopkins
Tony Hopkins
Photo credit: Andrew Dubber
Brian Smith at Auckland Art Gallery with Mike Walker, Billy Kristian and Tony Hopkins
Photo credit: Brian Smith Collection
The Claude Papesch soul band, which included Papesch (piano, vocals), Kim Paterson (trumpet), Stu Parsons (baritone saxophone), Bernie McGann (alto saxophone), Tony Hopkins (drums), Andy Brown (bass), with Joy Yates on lead vocals.
Photo credit: Kim Paterson Collection
Bob Gillett, Brian Smith, Tony Hopkins (obscured), Mike Walker and Neville Whitehead
The Bob Paris Band in the late 1950s: Brian Smith, Bob Paris, Mick Dawson, Keith Graham, Tony Hopkins.
Tony Hopkins
Tony Hopkins, Kevin Haines and Mike Walker


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