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aka Dr Kervorkian and the Suicide Machine
Michael Canning
Published: 19 May 2013
Updated: 29 Nov 2017

Jordan Reyne is one of the finest experimental musicians and most critically minded artists to emerge from New Zealand in the last two decades. Reyne’s work, embedded in Celtic folk music, has a powerful, shamanistic quality to it, her tracks often created by layering vocals and guitar with loops, electronics, and found sounds. She has been nominated three times at the New Zealand Music Awards and in 2016 contributed vocals to the theme song for the Resident Evil VII game, which was released in 2017.

Reyne started her creative journey when she was a young child, hitting bits of metal together and writing songs on the farm she grew up on near Westport. She began performing in public over 30 years ago and has released 10 albums.

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Jordan Reyne
Jordan Reyne
The Proximity of Death (Blue Eyed Boy)
Jordan Reyne, 'Sunset'
Photo credit: Jordan Reyne
Dear John
Jordan Reyne, Best Of (2017)
The Shadow Line
Jordan Reyne, 'Waterfall'
Jordan Reyne 1997
Photo credit: Photo by Ollie Green
Jordan Reyne, the Maiden EP, 2015
Jordan Reyne, the Crone EP, 2015
Photo credit: Jordan Reyne
The Ferryman
Jordan Reyne

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