TrueBliss Profile

Brian White
29 May 2013

For better or worse – TrueBliss were the pop group that gave the planet the Popstars TV franchise, and from there, the Pop Idol and (insert country) Idol megalith – changing the way pop music was discovered and delivered to the world.

The simple concept was from Aucklanders Jonathan Dowling and Bill Toepfer – you take the audition process for a pop band and turn that into a TV show. The candidates are drawn from the public applications and at the end of the process you release a record from the new group.

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Number One
Carly Binding, Keri Harper, Megan Cassie, Erica Takacs, Joe Cotton
Megan Cassie, Joe Cotton, Erica Takacs, Keri Harper, Carly Binding
TrueBliss at the 1999 Music Awards, towards the tail-end of the incredible media scrum that followed them everywhere for months: Joe Cotton, Megan Cassie, Erika Takacs, Keri Harper, a reporter and - looking decidely not at ease (she would shortly leave the group) - Carly Binding.
At the 1999 New Zealand Music Awards: Joe Cotton, Megan Cassie, Keri Harper, Erika Takacs and an unknown fan
The sole album from TrueBliss released in June 1999. Produced by Anthomy Ioasa, the album debuted at Number 1 on the Official New Zealand Music Chart and achieved well over double-platinum sales in a week.

Megan Alatini (neé Cassie) was a judge on NZ Idol.

Carly Binding would be the second TrueBliss member to have a long-term relationship with a football star, with Matthew Ridge. They have a child together.

Jo Cotton would go on to win a second talent contest: Pop's Ultimate Star, in 2007.




Carly Binding - vocals

Joe Cotton - vocals

Erika Takacs - vocals

Keri Harper - vocals

Megan Alatini - vocals