Joost Langeveld

aka Mr. Reliable, Trigger X

A pivotal figure in the city scene since the late 1980s, Joost Langeveld is an Auckland musician, songwriter, producer and label owner.

Langeveld has gathered production credits on a wide variety of projects including Strawpeople, TrueBliss, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Aerial, Minuit, Subware, ReactorMusic, and has released a steady stream of music under a variety of guises including many as part of collaborative projects.

Nemesis Dub Systems - They Began, Projector Mix
DLT meets the Dutchman - Scratches Revenge
Nemesis Dub Systems - How Bout That
Nemesis Dub Systems - Joost Langeveld and Eddie Chambers
Photo credit: Photo by Darryl Ward
Compulsory Allies, circa 1983/4. Greg Johnson in the centre, with drummer Paul Casserly, later of the Strawpeople and now a writer and director, on the right. To Greg's right is Joost Langeveld.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Unitone Hifi - Joost Langeveld & Stinky Jim
Joost Langeveld jn New York City, 1996
Subware at bFM Private Function, 29 Nov 1997, Old City Markets. Jason Rockpig and Joost Langeveld
Joost Langeveld and Roger Perry
Nemesis Dub Systems - Golden Dream, Nightmare On Symonds St. Mix
NRA - clockwise from top left: Joost Langeveld, Bevan Sweeney, Rex Vizable, Eddie Chambers
Photo credit: Photo by Polly Walker
Unitone Hifi - Sitting By The Phone, Ansaphone Mix
Joost Langeveld is the late 1980s
Compulsory Allies - Greg Johnson, Paul Casserly, Mark Hatherley, Joost Langeveld
Photo credit: Courtesy of Dom Nola

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