Joost Langeveld

aka Mr. Reliable, Trigger X

A pivotal figure in the city scene since the late 1980s, Joost Langeveld is an Auckland musician, songwriter, producer and label owner.

Langeveld has gathered production credits on a wide variety of projects including Strawpeople, TrueBliss, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Aerial, Minuit, Subware, ReactorMusic, and has released a steady stream of music under a variety of guises including many as part of collaborative projects.

Nemesis Dub Systems - How Bout That
Compulsory Allies, circa 1983/4. Greg Johnson in the centre, with drummer Paul Casserly, later of the Strawpeople and now a writer and director, on the right. To Greg's right is Joost Langeveld.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Unitone Hifi - Sitting By The Phone, Ansaphone Mix
NRA - clockwise from top left: Joost Langeveld, Bevan Sweeney, Rex Vizable, Eddie Chambers
Photo credit: Photo by Polly Walker
Unitone Hifi - Joost Langeveld & Stinky Jim
Joost Langeveld and Roger Perry
Compulsory Allies - Greg Johnson, Paul Casserly, Mark Hatherley, Joost Langeveld
Photo credit: Courtesy of Dom Nola
Nemesis Dub Systems - Joost Langeveld and Eddie Chambers
Photo credit: Photo by Darryl Ward
Subware at bFM Private Function, 29 Nov 1997, Old City Markets. Jason Rockpig and Joost Langeveld
Nemesis Dub Systems - Golden Dream, Nightmare On Symonds St. Mix
DLT meets the Dutchman - Scratches Revenge
Joost Langeveld is the late 1980s
Nemesis Dub Systems - They Began, Projector Mix
Joost Langeveld jn New York City, 1996

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