Cat Tunks

aka Black Sand Diva, The Bona Fide Band

Cat Tunks was young enough to have been a teenager when she was swooped up and given a quickfire introduction to rock’n’roll in 1990. She had joined a Cold Chisel tribute band, marketed as Classic Chisel and promoted as a package around the Auckland traps with another covers band, the Anzacs, and Graham Brazier. Specific memories are vague.

“I provided backing vocals to anyone that wanted them, really. Graham Brazier would grab me for BV’s too, although it was the Chisel act I was connected to. It was my introduction to rock’n’roll, I went on this crazy roadshow. Before that it had been mostly Westie bikie barns, singing AC/DC and ZZ Top and other stuff that was unsuited to me, was no discipline whatsoever.”

Cat Tunks at Revolver Studios, Waiuku.
Catherine Tunks - Small Town (Live at Revolver Presents, 2021)
Cat Tunks (centre) at Revolver Studios with (from left to right) Michael Barker, Kara Gordon, Alex Griffith, and Gavin Dowling.
Cat Tunks (second from right) on tour in 2010 with the original BlackSandDiva line up. From left to right: David Hodkinson Kiri Kainamu Wheeler, Joel Vinson, Cat Tunks, Jason Orme.
The Rambling Roses: Cat Tunks and Krissy Jackon.
Photo credit: Laura Tait
Catherine Tunks featuring Thomas Koenig - The Beautiful Dreamers (part one) EP, 2016.
Cat Tunks (left) with Stefan Wolf (in the striped shirt) and The Madding Crowd, Wellington, c 1996.
Cat Tunks with Gavin Dowling, 2020.
Photo credit: Laura Tait
Cat Tunks and Warren Mendonsa - Can't Find My Way Home (live at Auckland Blues Club, July 2021)
Cat Tunks (at right) with the original BlackSandDiva line-up, 2009. from left to right: David Hodkinson (bass), Joel Vinsen (guitar), Jason Orme (drums).
Cat Tunks at Auckland Blues Club, July 2021, with Warren Mendonsa (guitar) and Nic Hulme-Chivell (drums).
Cat Tunks
BlackSandDiva - Blue Eyed Girls
Cat Tunks and BlackSandDiva - Rāwāhi (2013). 
Catherine Tunks - Stranger (2019)
Cat Tunks - Pay No Heed (Live at Revolver Presents, 2021)
Cat Tunks with Kim Halliday, Cafe 121, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland.
Cat Tunks: “I’ve always thought that musical labels are restrictive.”
Cat Tunks at Auckland Blues Club, July 2021, with Rod Redgrave on bass. 
Photo credit: Paul Carrucan
Cat Tunks - Stranger Tour, 2020.
Cat Tunks with the original BlackSandDiva line-up. From left: Kiri Kainamu Wheeler (keyboards), Jason Orme (drums), David Hodkinson (bass), Cat Tunks, Joel Vinson (guitar).
Cat Tunks
Cat Tunks Band, 2020.
Cat Tunks singing with the Stefan Nagler Trio (Germany), Waiheke Jazz Festival, 2017.
Cat Tunks at Revolver Studios, Waiuku.
Cat Tunks at Revolver Studios, Waiuku, November 2020.

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