Crystal Zoom!

Crystal Zoom! was formed in Dunedin in 1983 by Mike Weston and Bruce Mahalski. The name came about when a friend’s father accused his son of taking drugs including the eponymous yet non-existent “crystal zoom”.

To begin with it was mostly a graffiti project. “We figured if we covered Dunedin in the name we’d be famous before we even started, recalls vocalist Bruce Mahalski. "In fact my idea of the ultimate band was one who never played at all but looked fantastic, had great artwork and sold a ton of T-shirts!” 

Bruce Mahalski and Mike Weston promoting Live At The Ego Club, 1984
Crystal Zoom/ Let’s Get Naked clip montage - Crystal Zoom with Uptown Sheep (Shazam 1985), followed by Let's Get Naked - Funky Dunedin (1987) and Joe's A Fiend (Live at Sammy's, 1987)
Poster designed and printed by AXEMEN in Christchurch for a joint gig at The Pitz, Dunedin
Hate Song #1 - Crystal Zoom, Live at the Windsor Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand, 1985. Filmed by Siobhan Ryan and Bob Sutton
Crystal Zoom! at Bosshard Galleries, Dunedin, 1983: Mike Weston, Eric Neuman, Bruce Mahalski and Nathan McConnell
Live At The Ego Club poster
Yoh, Aotea Square, Auckland, 1985
Nick Neill at Dunedin Town Hall, supporting The Mockers, 1984
Photo credit: Photo by Penelope Harper
Crystal Zoom at The Star & Garter, March 1984
Photo credit: Katherine Rich collection
Bruce Mahalski and Mike Weston
Crystal Zoom!, Gamaunche and Alpaca Brothers at the Golden Nugget, Dunedin, 1983
Eric Neuman at the Dunedin Town Hall, 1984
Photo credit: Photo by Penelope Harper
The Chills, Crystal Zoom! and Love In a Gas Oven at the YMCA, Dunedin, June 1984
Crystal Zoom! at The Bosshard Galleries, Dunedin 1983: Bruce Mahalski, Eric Neuman and Mike Weston
Crystal Zoom! 1985: Mike Weston, Bruce Mahalski, Robin Murphy and Barry Blackler
Photo credit: Photo by Greg Burt
Bruce Mahalski at Bosshard Galleries, Dunedin, 1983. This was Crystal Zoom!'s second gig.
Photo credit: Photo by Penelope Harper
Crystal Zoom! at Dunedin Town Hall, 1984: Mike Weston, Bruce Mahalski and Nick Neill
Photo credit: Photo by Penelope Harper
Crystal Zoom at The Star & Garter, March 1984
Photo credit: Katherine Rich collection
Crystal Zoom! 1984: Nick Neill, Mike Weston, Eric Neuman and Bruce Mahalski
Photo credit: Photo by Terry Moore
Image for the cover of Uptown Sheep b/w Dunedin Sound on 45 single cover
Photo credit: Photo by Miffy Rees
Crystal Zoom! and Gamaunche at The Empire, probably 1984
Crystal Zoom! on Waiheke, 1985: Bruce Mahalski, Yoh, Rob Brown and Mike Weston

Mike Weston - guitar

Bruce Mahalski - vocals

Eric Neuman - bass

Nathan McConnell - drums

Nick Neill - drums

Barry Blackler - drums

Robin Murphy - bass

Simon Arasingham - synthesiser

Rob Brown - bass

Laurence "Yoh" Landwer-Johan - drums


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