Dave Hurley

Although his name doesn’t appear as often as many he worked with over the years, Dave Hurley has played alongside some of the acknowledged greats and in one band of lasting repute. In addition, his recording studio engineering and production credits include some of New Zealand rock’s top names and most important records.

Born 1947 in Palmerston North, Hurley’s classmates at Queen Elizabeth College included Maurice Greer and Billy Te Kahika (Billy TK), both later of seminal NZ band The Human Instinct

3 members of The Breakaways: Midge Marsden, Dave Hurley, Dave Orams
Photo credit: Dave Hurley Collection
The Saints In Palmerston North with Dave Hurley second from left and Maurice Greer on the right
Producer Ritchie Pickett and engineer Dave Hurley at work on Celine Toner’s LP You’ll Remember Me! at Mandrill in 1981
Photo credit: Pat Mahoney collection
A young Dave Hurley with The Cavaliers in Palmerston North
The Patea Māori Club's Poi-E was a smash in 1984, topping the chart with almost no airplay. Produced by Dalvanius with Dave Hurley (who also engineered it), it was the biggest selling single of the year.
Dave Hurley with the Aardvark production team: Hurley, Roger Donaldson, David Mitchell, Suzy Pointon, Alan Locke and Ian Mune
The Breakaways in New Plymouth, 1966: Dave Orams, Bryan Beauchamp, Midge Marsden and Dave Hurley
Dave Hurley's Mandrill card
Dave Hurley recording on Auckland's West Coast for Billy T. James' James Gang Rides Again. From left: Terere Koopu, Peter Read, George Andrews, Billy T James, Dee Jamieson and Hurley.
Photo credit: Kindly supplied by Onfilm
Dave Hurley and Midge Marsden during The Breakaways years
The Breakaways: Dave Orams, Bryan Beauchamp, Dave Hurley, Midge Marsden in New Plymouth, August 1966
Clive Coulson and Dave Hurley, 1971
Photo credit: Dave Hurley collection
Dave Hurley (centre) with The Saints
Dave Hurley and Midge Marsden, Seatoun, Wellington 1967
Photo credit: Dave Hurley Collection
Dave Hurley in London in 1967
Dave Hurley at Mandrill Studios, circa 1980
The Breakaways - Bryan Beauchamp, Midge Marsden, Dave Hurley, Dave Orams
Midge Marsden was in the army so The Breakaways played as a 3 piece. L to R: Bryan Beauchamp, Dave Orams, Dave Hurley at Scots College ball, 1966
Photo credit: Dave Hurley Collection
Maurice Greer and Dave Hurley in London, 1967
Producer Alan Galbraith, Clive Cockburn (ex-The Avengers) and Dave Hurley, 2016

The famous TEAC 4-track reel to reel used to record so many early Flying Nun releases was sold to Chris Knox by Dave Hurley.




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