Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey, founding member of soft rockers Salty Dogg, is an internationally recognised songwriter and composer and one of an elite group of New Zealanders to have won two APRA Silver Scroll awards.

Harvey produced and played keyboards on John Hanlon’s albums and worked alongside the cream of New Zealand singers and musicians in the 1970s, 1990s and 2000s. He has written music for hundreds or radio and TV ads and composed stage and screen music on both sides of the Tasman for over four decades.

Michael Harvey receives Variety Artists' Club scroll of honour 2018
Salty Dogg's Chris Gunn, Graham Chapman and MIke Harvey with engineer Phil Yule (centre) at Stebbing Studios
Mike Harvey and Pat Bell with the Silver Scroll for ‘All Gone Away’, as performed by Salty Dogg. On the left is Ashley Heenan, Writer-Director of APRA NZ from 1966 to 1980.
Mike Harvey 
Mike and Jill Harvey at a late 1970s APRA Silver Scroll, Tamaki Yacht Club; the man on the right is unidentified
Mike Harvey recording with Salty Dogg
Mike and Jill Harvey, Kim Hart and Vicki Hanlon at an APRA Silver Scrolls, possibly 1976
Mike Harvey and Ray Columbus at an APRA Silver Scrolls
Salty Dogg at Stebbing Studios, Auckland - with engineer Phil Yule - during the recording of the Love to Play and Sing album. From left: Graham Chapman, Vic Williams, Phil Yule, Martin Winch, Mike Harvey and Chris Gunn.
Mike Harvey and Lea Maalfrid
Salty Dogg: Vic Williams, Martin Winch (rear), Basil Peterkin (front), Mike Harvey and Graham Chapman. They recorded the Mike Harvey produced album Love To Play And Sing for EMI and two Christmas singles with Radio Hauraki.
John Hanlon with his producer Mike Harvey and their partners Vicki Hanlon and Jill Harvey at the 1976 APRA Silver Scroll.
Mike Harvey in 1974
Mike and Jill Harvey at the 1976 APRA Silver Scrolls
The Trinity at Auckland's Station Hotel, 1970: Vic Williams, Bill Belton and Mike Harvey
Sharon O'Neill and Mike Harvey at the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival
Salty Dogg at Larnach Castle in Otago
John Hanlon and Mike Harvey recording Higher Trails in 1974 with engineer Phil Yule, at Stebbing Studios
Photo credit: Photo by Earl Buck
Salty Dogg's Mike Harvey, Vic Williams, Chris Gunn and Martin Winch recording at Auckland's Stebbing Studios
Mike Harvey and John Hanlon, 1970s
Photo credit: Michael Harvey Collection
Producer Mike Harvey and Lea Maalfrid recording Goddess of Love in the mid 1990s
Photo credit: Mike Harvey Collection
Ray Columbus and Mike Harvey, winners of the 1973 APRA Silver Scroll for their song Jangles, Spangles & Banners
The Hauraki Good Guys with Salty Dogg - 'Boy I Wish We Had Christmas Every Day' (1976)
Mike Harvey with just some of his awards from APRA, RATA and record companies
Mike Harvey and Lea Maalfrid with the 1977 APRA Silver Scroll award
Photo credit: Mike Harvey Collection
Steve Allen at the 1978 APRA Silver Scrolls with producer/songwriter Mike Harvey and his wife Jill
Tim Murdoch and Mike Harvey, 1978 Apra Silver Scroll
Mike Harvey
The Malcolm McCallum Band performing at the launch for Victim In Paradise at The Governor's Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney, 1980. Left to right: Mike Harvey, Mark Williams, Ian Belton, Malcolm McCallum, Mark McEntee.
Photo credit: Mal McCallum collection
Salty Dogg at Grandpa's, Durham Lane: Basil Peterkin, Martin Winch, Vic Williams, Mike Harvey and Graham Chapman










Mike Harvey produced all the APRA Silver Scroll winning songs from 1973 to 1977

Mike Harvey's 'Beneath the Southern Cross' is played regularly at Australia Day events

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