When Diatribe formed in 1983, they played in most of the same venues that other indie bands of the time did – but the music was very different.

It looked at first like it might have been a little too different.

Diatribe - Too Lazy EP (1983, Warrior)
The 1984 Jayrem compilation Songs From Banana Dominion included Diatribe's Dangerous Game.
Book of Bifim reviews the Sweet Soul Music show, 9-10 May 1986 at the Galaxy, Mt Eden Rd, Auckland. Pictured are Rafer Rautjoki and Fiona McDonald from Seven Deadly Sins, which evolved from Diatribe.
Back cover of Diatribe's 1983 EP Too Lazy.
Diatribe, 1983: Ross France (lower left), Peter Kirkbride, Rafer Rautjoki, Chris Whyte, John Berkley.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg Collection
Sweet Soul Music, 9-10 May 1986 - two nights of live music promoted by Montage Studios and bFM at the Galaxy in Mt Eden Rd, Auckland before the venue became the Powerstation. The line-up included Seven Deadly Sins, which evolved from Diatribe.
Herbs - Azania (Soon Come), 1981, written by Ross France (from Merata Mita's Patu!)
Dangerous Game
The 1984 Jayrem compilation Songs From Banana Dominion included Diatribe's Dangerous Game.
Seven Deadly Sins: Ross France, Wayne Baird, Fiona McDonald, Manu, Dennis “Choc” Tuwhare, John Scott, Rafer Rautjoki.
Merata Mita and Diatribe - Treaty Song (from Patu!)
Diatribe, from left: Rafer Rautjoki, Ross France, John Berkley, Peter Kirkbride, Chris Whyte.
Merata Mita and Diatribe - Treaty Song.
Diatribe, with Greg Johnson in the top centre and Fiona McDonald at the top left. Taken at the old Auckland railway yards, 1986.
Diatribe - Too Lazy EP, 1983
Diatribe - Side B of the Too Lazy EP features Dangerous Game, penned by Rafer Rautjoki and later covered by Jules Issa.

John Berkley - bass, backing vocals, percussion

Chris Whyte - drums, percussion

Peter Kirkbride - guitar, vocals, percussion

Ross France - saxophone, organ, percussion, backing vocals

Rafer Rautjoki - saxophone, vibes, percussion

Greg Johnson - trumpet, vocals, keyboards

Fiona McDonald - vocals



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