Fatal Jelly Space

Fatal Jelly Space was one of the most powerful live bands in the Auckland music scene in the early 1990s – and they were all women. They were in high demand, sharing stages with most of the biggest alternative local bands of the day, and supporting the likes of The Fall and Babes In Toyland.

Vocalist and guitarist Frankie Hill met drummer Cath O’Dwyer at student radio station bFM; they were introduced by programme director Domanik Nola. Cath had grown up in a music-loving household but had never played music herself. 

Fatal Jelly Space - Voodoo Pin
Fatal Jelly Space (L-R): Sarah Cole, Frankie Hill, Rachel Groover, Barbara Morgan, Cath O'Dwyer, Jacinda Klouwens.
Fatal Jelly Space, live at the Gluepot, Auckland, NZ, 28 Sept 1991. Filmed by Bob Sutton.
Fatal Jelly Space: Jacinda Klouwens, Sarah Cole and Cath O'Dwyer at a Virginia Reel gig, Melbourne, 1998.
Fatal Jelly Space - Miseriah
Fatal Jelly Space (clockwise from bottom left): Cath O'Dwyer, Jacinda Klouwens, Barbara Morgan, Frankie Hill, and Sue Crengle. 
Fatal Jelly Space on stage. 
Fatal Jelly Space - Hole (Flying Nun, 1990)
Fatal Jelly Space (clockwise from bottom left): Cath O'Dwyer, Suzanne McNamara, Barbara Morgan, Jacinda Klouwens.
Sarah Cole of Fatal Jelly Space.
Fatal Jelly Space - Aliens (1990)
Fatal Jelly Space live.
Fatal Jelly Space was one of several acts playing the Intergalactic Ball at the Albert in Palmerston North on 14 March 1992. Poster by Claire Pannell.
"Serious and nihilisitc" - an advertisement for the Fatal Jelly Space EP 'Hole', 1990. 
Fatal Jelly Space - Hole EP label side 2 (Flying Nun, 1990)
Fatal Jelly Space (L-R): Cath O'Dwyer, Barbara Morgan, Sarah Cole, Frankie Hill, Jacinda Klowens.
Fatal Jelly Space - American Dog Food
Fatal Jelly Space, from left: Frankie Hill, Sarah Cole (at back), Bridget Hunt (in green; lighting technician), Suzanne McNamara (standing at back), Barbara Morgan, Jacinda Klouwens.
Fatal Jelly Space (clockwise from left): Barbara Morgan, Frankie Hill, Cath O'Dwyer, and Jacinda Klouwens.
Barbara Morgan of Fatal Jelly Space. 
Sarah Cole and Barbara Morgan of Fatal Jelly Space. 
Fatal Jelly Space - Dark Is Rising
Fatal Jelly Space. At back, from left: Sue Crebgle, Barbara Morgan; in front: Frankie Hill, Jacinda Klouwens, Cath O'Dwyer
Photo credit: Mark Cubey Collection
Fatal Jelly Space - Madman's Kingdom (live, 1992)
S.P.U.D., Fatal Jelly Space.
Fatal Jelly Space - Metropolitan (live at the Gluepot, 1991)
Fatal Jelly Space on the magic bus (L-R): Jacinda Klouwens, Sarah Cole, Frankie Hill, Fred E. Rick (sound engineer), Hailey Knight (provider of the bus), and Suzanne McNamara holding the bus cat.
Fatal Jelly Space - Boyfriend's Head (cassette recording off sound desk, Gluepot 1989)
Fatal Jelly Space, c. 1989. From left: Jacinda Klouwens, Rachel Smith, Frankie Hill, Barbara Morgan, Sarah Cole, Catherine O'Dwyer
Photo credit: Simon Coffey
Fatal Jelly Space play the Gluepot, Auckland, on the ‘Girls Blouse Tour’, 28 September 1990. Support act was Second Child, and guest artists were Stroketts and Stanley Manthyng & Petulia.
Fatal Jelly Space - Hole EP label side 1 (Flying Nun, 1990)
Fatal Jelly Space on the road (L-R): Suzanne MacNamara, Fred E. Rick (sound man), Jacinda Klouwens, Frankie Hill, Hailey Knight (a friend with the bus).
Fatal Jelly Space - Serious Nihilistic Song (1992)
Fatal Jelly Space advertises for musicians who can play mostly originals, but "with a hard edge" (December 1988).

Frankie Hill - vocals, guitar

Cath O’Dwyer - drums

Jacinda Klouwens - vocals

Sarah Cole - keyboards, vocals

Barbara Morgan - bass

Rachel “Groover” Smith - backing vocals, percussion

Suzanne McNamara - manager, animal wrangler


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