Glyn Mason

Perhaps it was destined that music would feature in Nottingham-born Glyn Mason’s life. His father was a former choirboy in Wales and his London-born mother was a honky-tonk piano player.

When Glyn was three they shifted to Australia, staying until 1958. That year they crossed the Tasman to New Zealand, moving around a few times before finally settling in Lower Hutt.

Glyn Mason, Roadrunners
The Stockley See & Mason Band movie
The Roadrunners, Taita, July 1966 (L-R): Noel Koskella, Chaz Burke-Kennedy, Tim O'Connor, Glyn Mason
Glyn Mason in Australia's Juke magazine, 1976
The post Larry Morris The Rebels, with new vocalist Glyn Mason
Ariel - Disco Dilemma (1977)
Glyn Mason, Rebels, 1969
Glyn Mason at the Intermezzo coffee lounge, Wellington, January 1966
The final line-up of Ariel - Mike Rudd, Bill Putt, Glyn Mason, Iain McLennan and Tony Slavich - live, circa 1977.
The Bitter End, Christchurch, 1967. On vocals is Peter Hall; at right is Glyn Mason on lead guitar
Glyn Mason, circa 1987
Glyn Mason guitar clinic
Jigsaw at the Galaxie
Philips Records offers Glyn Mason a recording contract, May 1967
Glyn Mason, left, and Sam See: The Pardoners
Glyn Mason in Ariel
The Roadrunners contemplate a midnight dip at the Riddiford Baths, Lower Hutt, c1967. From left: Glyn Mason, Noel Koskella, Chaz Burke-Kennedy, Tim O'Connor
Glyn Mason - It's Only Love
Glyn Mason, Rebels era
Glyn Mason in Jigsaw
Glyn Mason, at right, with Ariel, mid 1970s
The Rebels, post Larry: John Williams, Mal Logan, Nooky Stott, Glyn Mason and Viv McCarthy
Glyn Mason in the early 1990s, while working for Fender
Field, See & Mason, Down Under The Covers
Glyn Mason in Jigsaw
The Rebels, post Larry: Glyn Mason, John Williams, Viv McCarthy, Nooky Stott and Mal Logan
Glyn Mason, c. 1968
Glyn Mason with Ariel, mid 1970s
Mike Rudd and Glyn Mason (right) with Spectrum-Ariel at Crown, 2016 
Glyn Mason, Juke magazine



Stockley, See & Mason, Crackerjack Club, 2016

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