Golden Harvest

For a late 70s band which delivered polished, radio-friendly pop with a hint of disco on their hit ‘I Need Your Love’, Golden Harvest had some unexpected admirers.

Simon Grigg was on the sharp end of the Auckland punk scene at the time: “The first time I saw Golden Harvest was in 1978 during the punk era in Auckland’s Downtown Centre. Several of us went along expecting we could have a laugh, but the laugh was totally on us – these guys were incredible and we stood there in awe. I’ve been a fan ever since: a mighty band, phenomenal musicians and a stage presence that defined the era.” 

Kevin Kaukau - Golden Harvest
Mervin Kaukau
A young Golden Harvest before Karl Gordon joined
Karl Gordon - Golden Harvest
Eldred Stebbing and Mr. Eru Kaukau, father of the brothers who made up the core of Golden Harvest
Gavin Kaukau - Golden Harvest
Kevin Kaukau - Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest write to Benny Levin from Oamaru, year unknown
Kevin Kaukau
Golden Harvest's Kevin Kaukau in 1979
Kevin does his thing - Golden Harvest
I Need Your Love'
Golden Harvest
Eru Kaukau - Golden Harvest
The 1978 invite to the Gold Record presentation for Golden Harvest
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection

Karl Gordon - vocals

Kevin Kaukau - guitar

Gavin Kaukau - rhythm guitar

Eru Kaukau - bass

Mervin Kaukau - drums





Golden Harvest supported Bob Marley at Western Springs in 1979, playing to their biggest ever crowd. They went down a storm on that important day.

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