Ike Metekingi

aka Ihaka Epiha Turoa Metekingi

Ike Metekingi was often maligned by those who didn’t know him. Following Billy T James’s tangi, an Auckland promoter, who’d had an early association with the superstar entertainer, told me that it was nigh impossible to negotiate directly with Billy “after Ike Metekingi’s lot got in there.”

In truth, Billy T James was no one’s fool and he felt far more comfortable with Ike than with the television and other entertainment industry people hovering around. Billy’s daughter Cherie/Ruby concurs. “Exactly! Dad didn’t let many people in, only sensitive people, and Ike was one of the few. Dad trusted and respected him and he knew that Ike was loyal and would look out for him. I always remember Ike decked out in tight jeans, boots, bomber jacket and hat. Chur chur chur. Dad and Ike would yak away in their own language, it seemed to me – they had their own way of talking when they were together. I was only a kid but I was pleased for the part that Ike played in our lives, pleased that Dad had people like Ike and Rick [Harris] around him.”

Ike Metekingi on the yacht that manager Jim Anderson proposed sailing from New Zealand to England, with the Maori Hi-Five gigging on the way in Australia and Asia
Ike Metekingi of The Planets, 1956
Ike Metekingi at the Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958. The Hi-Five Mambo’s logo on the kick drum was made by early member Costa Christie using cardboard, glue and sparkles
The Planets. From left are Ike Metekingi, Fro “the Pro” Hunia, Kawana Pohe, Louie Paranihi and Yorkie Paranihi
The Kon Tikis, Rutland Hotel, Whanganui, 1968. From left, Tama Smith, Ike Metekingi and Terry Karatou; sitting, Billy Larkin
Hi-Five Mambo, from left: Jimmy Rivers, Rob Hemi, Sol Pohatu, Ike Metekingi, Costa Christie. Taken at the Cubana Club, Wellington 1958
The Planets, Whanganui, c. 1956-1957. From left: Yorkie Paranihi, Kawana Pohe, Louie Paranihi, Ike Metekingi, Fro “the Pro” Hunia. 
Ike Metekingi at the Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958.
Ike Metekingi at the Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958
The Diplomats, 1962. From left: Hoe Maramaru, Ike Metekingi, Bill Tangihau, Massey Williams, Frank Tyson and Tuki Witika
Ike Metekingi of The Hi-Five Mambo, Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958
Fro Hunia of The Planets, 1956
Scruff with Tommy Ferguson and Maori Hi-Five founder Ike Mete-Kingi, Stranded In Paradise launch, November 2005
Photo credit: Photo by Keith Newman
Johnny Devlin in shiny suit, being introduced in Whanganui; the Hi-Five Mambo are his backing band
Hi-Five Mambo at The Cabana Club, Wellington, 1958: Sol Pohatu, Jimmy "Junior" Rivers, Ike Metekingi, Robbie Hemi and Costa Christie
Photo credit: Costa Christie collection
Kawana Pohe, left, and Jimmy Rivers on maracas, 1959
Jimmy “Junior” Rivers of The Hi-Five Mambo, Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958
The Hi-Five Mambo in Whanganui, October 1958: Ike Metekingi, Costa Christie, Jimmy Rivers, Rob Hemi, 'Fro The Pro' (a guest), and Sol Pohatu.
Photo credit: Costa Christie collection
Ike Metekingi in Whanganui, c. 1956-1957
Jimmy “Junior” Rivers of The Hi-Five Mambo, Club Cubana, Wellington, c. 1958

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