Lips began as a solo project in 2010 while Steph Brown was living in New York, recording demos in the bedroom of her Brooklyn apartment. She went on to win the APRA Silver Scroll in 2012 for her song ‘Everything To Me’, a soulful slow burner that played on student radio and introduced a new voice to the airwaves. Lips’ sound grew over the years as the project went from solo to duo to a four-piece band.

Brown had been part of the music scene for some time, playing with Opensouls and Anika Moa, collaborating with Anna Coddington, and playing in Fredericks Brown with Deva Mahal in New York. Lips went on to release three EPs and one LP, I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything (2021) though the project went through many changes, gradually changing from a solo project to an established band. 

Drummer Fen Ikner, Lips.
Nightcall video shoot for George FM, with Nick Dwyer, Jeremy Toy, Johnny Paker. 
Lips - I Don't Know Why I Do Anything (2021)
Lips publicity photo.
Daffodils trailer (2019) NZ On Screen
Lips - Guilty Talk (2019)
Lips - Your Deodorant Doesn't Work (2021)
Lips' Fen Ikner and Steph Brown performing at Glasslands, Brooklyn, NYC, 2014.
Lips - Not Today (2022)
Anna Coddington (centre) with Steph Brown and Fen Ikner from Lips.
Lips - Traces of Teddy (2015)
Lips performing at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 2014.
Opensouls, 2004.
Lips publicity photo
Lips promotional image
Steph Brown, 2018
Lips - What the Hell (2021)
A still from the video for Lips' Traces of Teddy, Tuscon Arizona, 2015
Lips - The Reason
Lips US solo tour, 2011.
Lips' Steph Brown playing a live to air set on 95bFM, Auckland, 2012.
Lips - Empty Hours (2021)
Steph Brown.
Lips - Freddy Bardot (2014)
Lips publicity photo
Lips' Steph Brown rehearsing with Anna Coddington, 2015.
Lips - One Not Two (2010)
Lips in a publicity photo.
Lips New Zealand tour poster, 2021
Lips - Shadows (2012)
Lips photographed performing at a CD release.
Steph Brown, Lips, 2018
Lips: Maude Morris, Fen Ikner, Steph Brown, Ruby Walsh.
Lips - Look, Listen album cover (self-released, 2012)
Lips - Heave Ho (2021)
Lips - We Don't Have Much Time (2013)
Fen Ikner, Lips, 2018.
Lips' Fen Ikner and Steph Brown, 2018.
Lips - Nightcall (2013)
Lips - Everything To Me (2012)
Lips' Fen Ikner and Steph Brown.
Steph Brown, Lips.
Stephanie Brown, Lips
Lips, left to right: Fen Ikner, Ruby Walsh, Maude Morris, Steph Brown.
Photo credit: Lula Cucchiara

Lips Limited


Steph Brown - vocals, synth, keyboards

Fen Ikner - drums, vocals

Ruby Walsh - bass, vocals

Maude Morris - guitar, synth, vocals

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