aka Kimbra Lee Johnson

Kimbra’s career is a master class in how to make a career in popular music while still thriving as an artist. Her most well-known achievement was featuring on a single with Belgian/Australian musician Gotye, ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. The hit song reached the top of the Billboard 100 and received a Grammy Award.

Kimbra successfully used this attention to shine light on her own songs, placing her own album in the Top 40 of the US charts and having a run of tracks that did huge numbers online.

Kimbra in a publicity shot.
Photo credit: Publicity image
Kimbra - Miracle (2014, from the album The Golden Echo)
Kimbra, 2016 promotional image.
Kimbra - Simply On My Lips (2007)
Kimbra - Top of the World (2017, from the album Primal Heart)
Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (2011)
Kimbra – a promotional image for The Golden Echo (2014).
Kimbra - Foolish Thinking ft. Ryan Lott (2023)
Kimbra photographed in 2019.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Kimbra - Save Me (2022)
Kimbra - Human (2018, from the album Primal Heart)
Kimbra in a promotional image for her album Primal Heart (2018).
Photo credit: Micaiah Carter
Kimbra in an early promotional photograph.
Kimbra - Cameo Lover (2011)
Kimbra in a photo taken for the cover of her 2014 single '90s Music'.
Photo credit: Promotional image
Kimbra - Vows (2011)
Kimbra onstage at the 2011 Moomba Festival in Melbourne with Stevie McQuinn Jnr on drums.
Photo credit: Ozzmosis
Kimbra - Settle Down (2010)
Watch: Kimbra appears on What Now?, aged 10 (2001)
Kimbra - Primal Heart (2018)
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Kimbra - Settle Down (2010)
Kimbra, 2020.
Photo credit: John Michael Fulton
Kimbra - Replay! (2022)
Kimbra Lee Johnson.
Watch: Kimbra at Berkley Middle School, aged 12 (2002)
Kimbra, 2020.
Photo credit: John Michael Fulton
Kimbra in a 2012 promotional photograph.
Kimbra covers Beyoncé's 'BREAK MY SOUL' for Like A Version (2023)

Kimbra’s career was also boosted early on by having her songs synched for use on television and in other media. In 2012, her song ‘Good Intent’ appeared on hit show Grey’s Anatomy (the same song was also used for the The Sims 3 PlayStation game and she re-recorded the vocals in “Simlish” for it). Later that same year, ‘With My Hands’ appeared in Tim Burton movie, Frankenweenie.


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