Anna Coddington

Growing up in the seaside Waikato town of Raglan had a big influence on singer-songwriter Anna Coddington. It gave her the time and space to learn to play music, first with drums which she started at age 11 and then guitar, which she took up at age 14.

Coddington’s first band Handsome Geoffrey, representing Hamilton Girls High School, won the Smokefree Rockquest in 1998. Alongside her in the line-up was Aidee Walker, who years later turned to acting and directing for theatre and the screen, and directed several music videos for Coddington.

Onstage at Womad, from left: Anika Moa, Anna Coddington, guitarist Ned Ngatae and bassist Mike Hall.
Photo credit: Michael Flynn
Anna Coddington, 'Purea Nei', Radio NZ, 2018
Anna Coddington, 2020.
Anna Coddington - Beams ft Louis Baker (single, 2020)
Duchess - You Buried Me Alive
Anna Coddington - The Runner
Eru Dangerspiel feat. Anna Coddington - You Would Know (live)
Anna Coddington - Little Islands
Anna Coddington - Te Wiki o te reo Māori, RNZ, 2018
Anna Coddington - Beams (2020)
The 2013 Make You Mine tour
Anna Coddington - Free (from second album Cat & Bird)
Tūtahi - Stay ( 2020)
Anna Coddington with Mike Hall, Raglan, 2013
Fly My Pretties - Underneath The Stars
Anna Coddington - Never Change (from The Lake)
Anna Coddington.
Anna Coddington - Bird In Hand (produced by SJD)
Anna Coddington
Photo credit: Photo by Louise Hyatt
Anna Coddington & Louis Baker - Aho / Beams (2021)
Anna Coddington
Photo credit: Photo by Louise Hyatt
Fly My Pretties in Picton, 2019. From left: LA Mitchell, Mel Parsons, A Girl Named Mo, Anna Coddington, Ria Hall, and Hollie Smith. 
Anna Coddington - Hold You Here (from The Lake, 2008
Anna Coddington.
Anna Coddington with Louis Baker.
Julia Deans & Anna Coddington: Isn' That Good (Voom cover)
Anna Coddington with Fly My Pretties, 2010
Anna Coddington.
Photo credit: Photo by Louise Hyatt
Anna Coddington - T-Shirt
The 2011 Little Islands Tour
Annie Crummer, left, producing 'Islands', the winning song of the 2014 Hook, Line and Sing-A-Long songwriting competition, written by Tempo Style. At right is Anna Coddington, who laid down the guitar tracks.
Photo credit: New Zealand Music Commission
Anna Coddington - 'Dive' live at Roundhead Studio, 27 November 2020
Anna Coddington
Anna Coddington - Make You Mine
Silver Scrolls 2020: 'Calling On' by Weta, performed by the Wha Cups, Oct 28, 2020
Anna Coddington at the San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington, 2008
Photo credit: Photo by Masanori Udagawa
The (digital) cover of the April 2014 remake of The Specials' Gangsters, produced by Dick Johnson
Clicks - Dick Johnson and Anna Coddington
Anna Coddington - The Saint (with stains) 2020
Anna Coddington performs 'Slate' on Radio NZ, 2015
Anna Coddington performs Major Lazer's Get Free on George FM's Damn! I Wish I Was Your Cover

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