Fly My Pretties

Fly My Pretties is a New Zealand music supergroup, formed in 2004 in Wellington by Barnaby Weir of The Black Seeds and Mikee Tucker of Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa.

Since inception, it has showcased a rotating cast of local singers, songwriters and musicians including Barnaby Weir, Jarney Murphy, Lee Prebble, Toby Laing, Mike Fabulous, Nigel Patterson, Age Pryor, Hollie Smith, Samuel Flynn Scott, Fran and Laughton Kora, Nathan "Nato" Hickey, Mailee Matthews, Brendan Moran, Darren Siggley, L.A. Mitchell, Lisa Tomlins, Mara T.K, Paul McLaney, Ryan Prebble, Tom Watson, Riki Gooch, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo, Ned Ngatae, Aaron Tokona, James Coyle, Iraia Whakamoe, Justin “Firefly” Clarke, Adi Dick, Tessa Rain, Module, Anna Coddington, Eva Prowse, Jayson Norris, Amiria Grenell and Flip Grater.

Fly My Pretties - Family Tree/Tō Kātua Whānau from the album Waiata Anthems (2022)
Barnaby Weir
Fly My Pretties
Let's Roll
Fly My Pretties
Lie In The Land
Fly My Pretties
Fly My Pretties, 2009
Get Out
Flip Grater and Anna Coddington talk about Fly My Pretties
Aaron Tokona.
Hit The Hay
Fly My Pretties
Fly My Pretties
Singing In My Soul

Barnaby Weir

Jarney Murphy

Toby Laing

Mike Fabulous

Nigel Patterson

Age Pryor

Hollie Smith

Samuel Flynn Scott

Fran Kora

Laughton Kora

Nathan ‘Nato’ Hickey

Mailee Matthews

Brendan Moran

Darren Siggley

L.A. Mitchell

Lisa Tomlins

Mara T.K

Paul McLaney

Ryan Prebble

Tom Watson

Riki Gooch

Rio Hunuki-Hemopo

Ned Ngatae

Aaron Tokona

James Coyle

Iraia Whakamoe

Justin McCarthy

Justin “Firefly” Clarke

Adi Dick

Tessa Rain


Anna Coddington

Eva Prowse

Jayson Norris

Amiria Grenell

Flip Grater

Dr Lee Prebble

Anna Coddington with Fly My Pretties, 2010

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