Neil Hannan

Bassist and producer Neil Hannan has performed and recorded with some of New Zealand’s finest, many at his long-serving Auckland studio, Scoop De Loop, and/or on his SDL Music label. He is associated with Midge Marsden, Red Mole, Coup D’Etat, Hello Sailor, Graham Brazier, Hammond Gamble, Al Hunter, Glen Moffatt, Ritchie Pickett, and Rodger Fox among others.

Born 12 August 1952 in Christchurch, but raised in the Wellington suburb of Tawa, Neil Hannan’s childhood was surrounded by music. His mother was a music teacher and violinist in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Piano was his first instrument but when the Beatles hit in the early 1960s the guitar took over and his preferred instrument, bass guitar, followed.

Glen Moffatt & The Tallboys, SkyCity Hamilton, 2012. Left to right, Gordon Joll, Glen Moffatt, Neil Hannan.
Dennis O'Brien (centre) with Neil Hannan (right) at the 1982 APRA Silver Scrolls, The Crypt, Queen St, Auckland
The Neil Hannan Band, 2003: Neil Hannan, Josh Sorenson, Stephen Small and Jim Brenan
Coup D'Etat - No Music On My Radio
Coup D'Etat: Jan Preston, Paul Dunningham, Harry Lyon and Neil Hannan
Neil Hannan with The Country Flyers, 1976
The touring band for the 1985 Hello Sailor Shipshape & Bristol Fashion album: Graham Brazier, Harry Lyon, Neil Hannan, Dave McArtney, Ricky Ball and Tim Wedde
Neil Hannan at Auckland's Gluepot, 1980
Neil Hannan with Gerry & The Pacemakers, Adelaide, 2013
Glen Moffatt Band, 2001. Left to right, Gordon Joll, Glen Moffatt, Rob Galley, Neil Hannan. Credit: Photo by Billy Lawry
Photo credit: Photo by Billy Lawry
Neil Hannan and Glen Moffatt recording in Auckland, 2014
Mumbo Gumbo at Kitty O'Brien's, Auckland, 1993. Left to right: Red McKelvie, Neil Hannan, Glen Moffatt, Jono Lonie. Out of shot Ian Thomson.
Photo credit: Photo by Alan Fon
Post the King’s Arms show in 2003 that would yield Ritchie Pickett’s live album The Wicked Piano Pumpin’ Pickett. Left to right, Neil Hannan, Ritchie Pickett, Glen Moffatt, Bill Chambers, Chet O’Connell, Gordon Joll.
Harry Lyon and Neil Hannan with Coup D'Etat
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Coup D'Etat - Dr I Like Your Medicine
Coup D'Etat: Jan Preston, Harry Lyon, Paul Dunningham and Neil Hannan
Glen Moffatt & The Tallboys outside the Cabana, Napier, 2012. Left to right, Randal Terrens, Chet O’Connell, Glen Moffatt, Neil Hannan, Gordon Joll.
The Flyers, 1978: (clockwise from bottom) Beaver, Neil Hannan, Richard Kennedy, Paul Clayton and Bud Hooper. For some forgotten reason, Murray McNabb has been twinked out on the right.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Coup D'Etat's second lineup, 1981: Neil Hannan, Harry Lyon and Paul Dunningham
The Red Mole Troup Oct 1979. Coney Island. New York. L to R: Alan Brunton, Neil Hannan, Deborah Hunt, John Davies, Jan Preston, Martin Edmond, Sally Rodwell. 
Photo credit: Photo by Joe Bleakley
Glen Moffatt’s Java Jive Café farewell, 2002. Left to right, Rob Galley, Glen Moffatt, Ricky Ball, Chet O’Connell, Neil Hannan.
Neil Hannan in New York City, 1979

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