Opshop first broke on commercial radio in 2004, seemingly from out of nowhere. Like so many stories of instant fame, their rapid rise belied the years that the band members spent playing live shows and releasing music in less successful bands.

Their hard work paid off. Opshop’s debut album sold platinum while their second album went three-times platinum (their third and final album also joined it in hitting No.1).

Opshop - Second Hand Planet (2009 documentary, directed by Adam Jones)
Jason Kerrison - A Wonderful Way
Jason Kerrison at Homegrown 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Brady Dyer
Opshop - One Day (2007)
Opshop - Secrets
Opshop: Bobby Kennedy, Matt Treacy, Jason Kerrison and Clinton Harris.
Opshop publicity shot from 2005
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Opshop at Homegrown 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Brady Dyer
Opshop - Madness and Other Allergies
Opshop - You Are Here
Jason Kerrison.
Photo credit: Ian Jorgensen
Homegrown 2014
Opshop, L to R: Bobby Kennedy, Jason Kerrison, Matt Treacy, Clinton Harris.
Jason Kerrison at Homegrown 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Brady Dyer
Opshop - Maybe (2007)
Jason Kerrison.
Opshop at the 2007 New Zealand Music Awards
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection

Jason Kerrison - vocals, guitar

Bobby Kennedy - drums

Matt Treacy - guitar

Clinton Harris - bass

Tim Skedden - guitar

Ian Munro - bass


‘One Day’ also features the vocals of Dianne Swann.

When Opshop first toured New Zealand, they couldn’t afford a support act so the band dressed in masks and created an off-shoot band, The Ambassadors, who played incognito sets of dance-y jazz music before re-taking the stage as Opshop later in the night.

During the tour for Second Hand Planet, Kerrison tried to research all the towns they were playing in and the band wrote a song for each place on the day of the show (along with support act, Luke Thompson). These 17 songs are available on the extended version of the album.

After the first major earthquake in Canterbury in 2010, Kerrison worked with Paul Ellis to create the Band Together concert in Hagley Park , Christchurch, to raise spirits in his hometown. It drew 100,000 people and was streamed live on TV. In 2011, he was awarded the New Zealand Order Of Merit for his musical and charitable work. He also appeared on the “Team Ball Player Thing” single that raised money for Cure Kids (in 2015).





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