Riot 111

Springbok Tour protest marshal John Void – or just Void – wrote Riot 111’s ‘1981’, deep in the days of that traumatic event. Raw and angry with a rumbling rhythm section and a scratchy guitar and militant vocal. ‘1981’ reached No.46 in the NZ Singles Chart in October 1981.

Riot 111 drummer Roger Allen was a public servant from Johnsonville, a suburban town north of Wellington, when he first encountered the hippie-punk scene in the early 1980s, at the inner city Terrace, just five minutes walk from Parliament.

Void/John Void 1983
Photo credit: Up The Punks
Void and friends, 1982
Photo credit: Void Ossuray collection
Naked Spots Dance, Riot 111 and The Spines, year unknown but likely 1982
Flesh D-Vice's Gerald Dwyer and Riot 111's Void, 1983
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Move To Riot
Void, 1980
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
The lyrics to '1981', via Up The Punks
Void and friend, 1981
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
The 1982 single Subversive Radicals
Riot 111 at Golden Showers festival, Newtown Community Centre, 2 April, 1983
Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt Collection
Outside TVNZ in 1982 when the broadcaster refused to show a video made for the b-side of 'Subversive Radicals'. The full story is here.
Photo credit: Up The Punks
Mark Crawford, Dev, Cat and Void, Auckland 1982
Photo credit: _Komrade_Void_ossuary collection
Riot 111
Photo credit: Photo by Charles Jameson
Gerald Dwyer
Photo credit: Void Ossuary collection

Roger Allen - Drums

Mark Crawford - bass

Nick Swan - guitar

Void - vocals

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