The Dave Miller Set

When the managing director of Spin Records called Dave Miller into his office in 1969 to discuss his new single ‘Mr Guy Fawkes’, the last thing Miller expected was disdain. He was sure The Dave Miller Set had made a masterpiece. But there he was, hearing that the single was the worst record Spin had ever done.

Miller was shocked. ‘Mr Guy Fawkes’ was his baby. He’d wanted to musically approximate a devastated world similar to the scene in the film On the Beach (1956) where a submarine ups periscope in Sydney Harbour after a nuclear holocaust. “It had an effect on me," Miller told me in an interview back in the mid-1990s. "The emptiness. I wanted a ghostly narration of the thing. My voice with all the tones stripped down.”

Dave Miller and Leith Corbett's highly regarded (and very collectable) Reflections album from 1970
The Dave Miller Set (1967)
The 1969 single Mr. Guy Fawkes, released on the Festival Records distributed Spin label
Dave Miller Set in 1968: John Robinson, Ray Mulholland, Dave Miller and Bob Thompson
The Dave Miller Set in 1967: Bob Thompson, Dave Miller (seated), John Robinson and Ray Mulholland
The Dave Miller Set, 1968: John Robinson, Ray Mulholland, Bob Thompson and Dave Miller
The Dave Miller Set's debut single Why? Why? Why? from 1967
The cover of the 1969 EP named after The Dave Miller Set's hit Mr. Guy Fawkes

Dave Miller - vocals

John Robinson - guitar, sitar

Harry Brus - bass

Ray Mulholland - drums

Greg Hooke - keyboards

Mick Gibbons - guitar

Bob Thompson - bass

Leith Corbett - bass

Mike McCormac - drums

Steve Hogg - bass



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