The Hi-Brows

It is circa 1960 and nestled at the bottom of Auckland’s CBD where it borders with Freemans Bay stands the Māori Community Centre. A frequent visitor to the centre is bespectacled, blue-eyed, blond-haired, Jewish teenager Maurice Mersky, or as he is affectionately known, “Mo”.

“I loved to dance and listen to music and there was no better place in town for both,” he recalls of those innocent heady days. “I met many lifetime friends there including a very young Dilworth Karaka and Charlie Tumahai (later members of Herbs) in fact I still keep in regular contact with Dilworth.” 

Hi-Brows - The Blue Water Line picture sleeve (Zodiac, 1962). "One of Benny’s innovations was a pair of cleats that were fitted to the bottom of my shoes which enabled me to lean forward without falling on my face, it became an important comedic part of our act." – Maurice "Mo" Mersky
The Hi-Brows - The Language Song (Zodiac, 1962)
The Hi-Brows - Two Timin' Lover ((Zodiac, 1963)
Dave Cowell publicity photo.
The Hi-Brows - The Blue Water Line (Zodiac, 1962)
The Hi-Brows.
The Hi-Brows - Room Full of Roses (Zodiac, 1962)



Dave Cowell - vocals

Maurice Mersky - vocals

Bob Matiu - vocals

Dick Smith - vocals

Billy Muriwai - vocals

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