The Unknown Blues

For Dave Hogan, pure blood Irish, fourth generation Kiwi, raised on the banks of the Oreti River beneath a range called Spiritburn, rebel sounds were an integral part of his youth. Not just Irish rebel songs, but classical music and the raucous rock and roll of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Fats Domino.

Eventually, the Hogans would follow the flow of the Oreti to Invercargill, where young Dave, full of the swagger of rock and roll, and a small-town sense of awe about the city, would find kindred souls and happen upon the rebel sound of R&B.

Unknown Blues live on stage in 1968, from left, "Wombie" Mason, Dave Hogan, front, Vaughan MacKay, Bari Fitzgerald and "Rocket" Hancock
Antarctic Angels and the Unknown Blues Movie Trailer
The Unknown Blues
The Unknown Blues
Vaughan MacKay at the Invercargill RSA in 1967
Dave Hogan of Unknown Blues
Dave Hogan
Antarctic Angels and the Unknown Blues – 50min documentary

Dave Hogan - Vocals, harmonica

Bari Fitzgerald - guitar

Vaughan MacKay - guitar

John Hancock - bass

Martin Wood - bass

Phil Sharman - drums, bass

Keith Mason - drums

Chris Smith - guitar, harmonica



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