The Upbeats

aka Downie Wolf and Terror Snake, Crushington

As the 2000s began, Dylan Jones (aka Downie Wolf) and Jeremy Glenn (aka Terror Snake), the New Zealand electronic music producer/DJ duo better known as The Upbeats, were finding their way into Wellington’s underground drum & bass scene.

From the moment they arrived through their storied residency at Valve (now Valhalla), they brought a new energy that audiences almost instantly responded to.

No Sleep 'Til New Zealand - Part 1 (Aotea with Shapeshifter)
The Upbeats - Vodka Bender (2005)
The Upbeats - No Sleep 'Til Iceland (Official Documentary)
The Upbeats DJing at a rave in Budapest, 2006. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats & Shapeshifter - 'Uncharted' Official Video (2019)
The Upbeats with Sydney singer-songwriter Georgie Fisher.
The Upbeats in the studio with Noisia, 2008. The Upbeats Collection.
Jeremy using a frontloading CDJ, 2002. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats feat. Mara TK - Say Go (2017)
The Upbeats in 2013.
The Upbeats - Diffused (2013)
The Upbeats and Georgie Fisher.
Jeremy DJing at Drum & Bass Tuesdays at Valve in the early 2000s. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats with Jay Pots.
Noisia & The Upbeats - Sacrifice (2005)
The Upbeats in Dunedin, 2022.
Photo credit: Sophea Ngoun
The Upbeats set from Noisia Invites 2, Groningen - UKF Live
The Upbeats - Radcore at Valve, 2002.
The Upbeats in Slovenia during their first European tour. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats - No Sleep 'Til Japan documentary (2020)
Dylan and Jeremy in Green Park, London, 2006. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats feat. Georgie - Thinking Cap (2007)
The Upbeats and Sydney singer-songwriter Georgie Fisher.
The hyperdimensional Upbeats.
The Upbeats and Tali at Vic University Orientation, 2021.
Photo credit: Sophea Ngoun
Dylan and Jeremy in London, 2007. The Upbeats Collection.
Jeremy DJing at Let It Roll Festival in Czech Republic, 2023.
Photo credit: Matus Safranka
The Upbeats in 2022. The Upbeats Collection.
The Upbeats in 2021.
The Upbeats feat. Tasha Baxter - Alone (2013)
The Upbeats - Carousel feat. Kemo (2009)
The Upbeats - Slit (2004)
The Upbeats - Lick-A-Demon (2006)

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