Jay Monds

aka Jay Bulletproof, DJ Pots

You can’t talk about drum and bass music in New Zealand without talking about Jay Monds, who sadly passed away on 29 September 2022, aged 46. Also known as DJ Pots or Jay Bulletproof, Jay was a product of the early 90s warehouse rave scene. He put the hard yards in behind the turntables and running events, along the way becoming a crucial figure on the national scene.

In the early 2000s, he took the sound of New Zealand drum and bass to the world as one-half of Bulletproof, the production duo he shared with his friend Josh Lees, before turning his skills towards dubstep, piloting camera drones, commercial broadcasting through Auckland’s George FM and finally podcasting with his much-loved interview series, The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass. A loveable rogue with a passion for new, futuristic music, Jay lived hard and opened doors for the generations that followed him.

Jay 'Bulletproof' Monds winning the 2010 Best Electronic Album award, for Soundtrack to Forever, at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards, 2010. 
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds at The Gathering, 1999.
Bulletproof, Mindscape and Tiki - Dark Times (2008)
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Bulletproof Jupiter Project (2015 - written, filmed, and produced by Jay Monds
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds on-air.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Bulletproof - Dub Me Crazy ft. Jessie G (2011)
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay Pots from Bulletproof interviewed by Helen McAlpine, 2010
Bulletproof Dubstep - Bulletproof & Tiki Taane - Soundtrack To Forever (2010)
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Bulletproof - The Warning ft. Silva MC (2012)
Bulletproof & State Of Mind - Nowhere To Run (2022)
Bulletproof feat Tali - Lessons (2014)
Bulletproof live at Splore
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Many leading drum and bass artists will take part in a Jay Monds / Jay Bulletproof fundraiser on 29 October 2022. 
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Jay “Bulletproof” Monds.
Bulletproof & DJ Optiv - Camouflage (2019)

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