Third Chapter

The Third Chapter story for me began back in 1965 when one Saturday night I stumbled down into The Cavern on the corner of Queen Street in Dunedin, an underground cellar which played host to serious drinking, shagging, and listening to the latest English R&B singles.

It was generally there you heard the best records first, and hearing the best records first was very important, as anyone from that era will readily confirm. We were, of course, there for the drinking and the music, being sexually dysfunctional as most inhabitants of single-sex boys’ schools were. Indeed, over the years we received scant recognition globally for predating The Dead Kennedys by being Too Drunk To … I mean, how CAN you when you are lying face down in a pool of sick, paralytic in someone's garden?

The only known image of Third Chapter
South Sound 72, a festival held in Gore with Arkastra, Third Chapter and others, December 1972.
Photo credit: Peter Blake collection

Yellow Eye


Richard McArley - guitar, harmonica, vocals

Chris Brett - guitar, vocals

Steve Brett - bass, vocals

Roger Nixon - drums

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