Lutha emerged in Dunedin during the flowering of the 1960s, a supergroup formed from three bands: 1969 South Island Battle Of The Bands finalists Throb, Pussyfoot, and Kaleidoscope. They played open-air parties, student hops and scrum rooms in the city’s university quarter.

When they called it a day in 1974, Lutha left behind two critically acclaimed albums – their self-titled debut and the follow-up, Earth, both released in 1972. As the decades passed, those albums became highly sought after, attracting big money on the collectors market. This led to the release of a CD compilation and a reunion performance by the band at the 2007 Dunedin Heritage festival.

The reformed Lutha, 2007: Graham Wardrop, Garry McAlpine, Peter Edmonds, Kevin Foster and Peter Fraser
Lutha, around 1973. From left: Garry McAlpine, Peter Edmonds, Kevin Bayley, Kevin Foster and Peter Fraser
Photo credit: Gordon Spittle collection
Lutha's 1972 self-titled album cover
Pussyfoot at the Cellar Club Dunedin about 1970 [from left] Ewan McDougall, Garry McAlpine, and Chris Brett
Photo credit: Gordon Spittle collection
The 1972 live album from Desna Sisarich, Lutha, BLERTA and Quincy Conserve recorded at the Christchurch Town Hall
Lutha at Christchurch Town Hall, 1973
Lutha in 1973: Graham Wardrop, Garry McAlpine, Peter Fraser, Peter Edmonds and Kevin Foster
Lutha at their 2007 reunion show: Peter Edmonds (obscured), Graham Wardrop, Garry McAlpine, Peter Fraser and Kevin Foster
The reformed Lutha performing in 2007 at the Dunedin Heritage concert
Lutha in Wellington, June 1973
The second Lutha album Earth, 1972
The Pill at The Groove nightclub, Dunedin, about 1967. L to R: Cam Leckie, Peter Edmonds, Dave Joseph, Peter Fraser
Photo credit: Gordon Spittle collection
Lutha, 1973: Garry McAlpine, Peter Edmonds, Peter Fraser, Kevin Foster, and Graham Wardrop
A Lutha poster for a 1973 NZBC concert at Otago University's Union Common Room; also on the bill is Lea Wyber aka Lea Maalfrid. 
Graham Wardrop at EMI Studios, 1972
Lutha at Mojos Nightspot, Dunedin, 1971. L to R: Peter Fraser, Peter Edmonds, Graham Wardrop, Kevin Foster
Photo credit: Gordon Spittle collection
Issued in 2005, Stop! The Music Is Over contained the complete HMV recordings



Graham Wardrop - guitar, vocals

Garry McAlpine - percussion, vocals

Peter Edmonds - drums

Peter Fraser - bass, vocals

Kevin Foster - keyboards

Kevin Bayley - guitar, vocals

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