aka Luke Rowell, Eyeliner

Luke Rowell is best known for the high-energy synthesised pop and luxurious vaporwave music he has created under his Disasteradio and Eyeliner aliases. Disasteradio’s ‘Gravy Rainbow’ was a synth-pop hit, and the Eyeliner releases are regarded as seminal examples of vaporwave.

Rowell has had a lifelong fascination with “high-tech sounds made on cheap tech”. He has spent the last two decades recording and releasing increasingly sophisticated computer music and performing it to audiences across the globe. 

Moog music: Disasteradio channels the inventor of the synthesiser. 
Disasteradio - Oh Yeah (2017)
Disasteradio makes a pilgrimage to the American supercomputer manufacturer Cray Inc. 
Disasteradio - System That Never Fails (2003)
Disasteradio (album, 2002)
Disasteradio - Kids of 99 (2010)
Eyeliner - Drop Shadow (2020)
Eyeliner - Los Angeles (2020)
Charisma: Luke Rowell in widescreen. 
Buy Now! Is Free! With National Libraries NZ (2021)
Disasteradio - Virtual Sunrise (2010)
Disasteradio - Power Up (2009)
Luke Rowell. 
The Wireless: Disasteradio - Tastes Like it Sounds (2018)
Disasteradio - Charisma (A Low Hum, 2010)
Luke Rowell, in 2010, at the time of the Disasteradio release Charisma. 
Disasteradio - Sellout Ringtones (2010)
Luke Rowell
Disasteradio performing in France
Disasteradio - Gravy Rainbow (2011)
Luke Rowell, aka Disasteradio, at right. 
Eyeliner - LARP of Luxury (2013)
Disasteradio - Hotline
Luke Rowell, aka Disasteradio and Eyeliner. 
Luke Rowell, aka Disasteradio and Eyeliner. 
Eyeliner live at SPF420, 4 Oct 2020
Disasteradio - Electric Blanket (2013)
Disasteradio - DSIR: Dance Self-Instruction Record (2003)
Disasteradio - No Pulse (2010)
Eyeliner - Buy Now (2015)

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