Amelia Murray has been releasing music as Fazerdaze since 2014, when her first EP of dreamy guitar tunes began accumulating a worldwide audience of fans. The ripple turned into a tidal wave with the release of viral hit ‘Lucky Girl’ and Fazerdaze set off to tour the world. Yet after her debut album there were five years of silence before she returned with new material. Lucky girl indeed – it turned out her fans were still waiting for her.

Amelia grew up with a Pākēha father and Indonesian mother on the outskirts of Wellington. They arranged piano lessons for her as a nine-year-old and she took part in competitions, but found her teacher less than supportive, which led her to quit. A few years later, she was watching television when she had the sudden impulse to pick up the electric guitar lying in the corner that her father had bought for her brother. She knew that somehow she had to learn how to play it.

Amelia Murray aka Fazerdaze.
Photo credit: Frances Carter
Fazerdaze - Break! (2022)
Fazerdaze - Morningside (album, Flying Nun, 2017)
Fazerdaze at the 2016 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Fazerdaze - The Thick Of It (2022)
Fazerdaze in 2023.
Photo credit: Joey Cluff
Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl (2017)
Fazerdaze with her guitar effects pedals.
Photo credit: Joey Cluff
Amelia Murray aka Fazerdaze.
Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl (CD single, 2017)
Fazerdaze in 2016: Mark Perkins, Elliot Francis, Amelia Murray, Benjamin Locke.
Photo credit: Rose Hope
Fazerdaze in 2017.
Fazerdaze - Amelia Murray and Mark Perkins.
Fazerdaze, Laneway 2017.
Photo credit: Stella Gardiner
Fazerdaze playing a sold-out show at Mercury Lounge, New York.
Photo credit: Ben Howe
Fazerdaze - Bedroom Talks (2017)
Fazerdaze - Break! (EP, 2022)
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow (CD single, 2017)
Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy (2016)
Fazerdaze EP (2014)
Fazerdaze in an early promotional photo.
Photo credit: Gareth Thomas
Fazerdaze playing a sold-out show at Mercury Lounge, New York.
Photo credit: Ben Howe
Fazerdaze supporting Lorde in 2013.
Photo credit: Charlotte Bruin

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