The Ioasa brothers Anthony, Jason and Paul formed Grace in 1993, but they had been playing together since they were young kids in their father’s covers band The Plantations.

He was very strict about their music lessons, making sure they were equipped with musical knowledge in both theory and performance. Paul had guitar lessons (learning flamenco), Anthony had piano lessons and Jason studied jazz and classical bass.

Desert Moon
Black Sand Shore, 1995
Cool World
Grace interview from Frenzy, 24 November 1994. Directed by Ross Cunningham.
A 1995 Grace publicity shot: Anthony, Paul and Jason Ioasa
Paul Ioasa
Paul Ioasa
Black Sand Shore
Grace in 1996: Paul, Jason and Anthony Ioasa
Grace at the 1999 APRA Silver Scroll Awards, with George Ash, MD of Universal: Jason Ioasa, Paul Ioasa, Anthony Ioasa and George Ash




Black Sand Shore was listed in Nick Bollinger's 2009 book 100 Essential New Zealand Albums.


Anthony Ioasa - piano, keyboards

Anton Jenner - programming

Paul Ioasa - guitar, backing vocals

Jason Ioasa - vocals

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