Jet Jaguar

aka Michael Upton

Over the last 20 years, Wellington-based electronic music producer Michael Upton has performed across New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Through that time, he has released four albums, countless EPs and remixes, and made a cult name for himself through his future-forward explorations of a diverse range of electronic music styles.

Since his early experiences playing in warehouses around Wellington, to multimedia performances in Tokyo nightclubs and back again, Upton has maintained his position as one of the more inspired, inventive and consistent electronic music producers in New Zealand.

Flyer, Tokyo gig
Jet Jaguar live at Bodega, Wellington, August 2005 
Photo credit: Amanda Hinkley
Patio - Sofa Bunk Bed
Jet Jaguar promotional blurb, 1999
Jet Jaguar live at Ruby Room, Tokyo, August 2006 
Photo credit: Amanda Hinkley
Jet Jaguar flyer for a gig at Soup, Tokyo, February 2007
Jet Jaguar Capital Recordings promo shot 2003 
Photo credit: Amelia Handscombe

Member of Monkey Shuffle, Patio, Dub Connection and Malty Media.

Upton has been heavily involved in online music culture since the early days of the internet. He maintains a personal music blog at

Jet Jaguar is named after a character in the movie Godzilla vs. Megalon.



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