aka Kingdon Te Itinga Chapple-Wilson

Kings seemed to come out of nowhere with the breakthrough hit ‘Don’t Worry Bout It’, which dominated local radio throughout 2017. But the single was the culmination of years of hard mahi, which meant he had the depth of musical range to avoid being a one-hit wonder. His subsequent four albums produced tens of millions of streams, and set him up as one of Aotearoa’s biggest acts, both as a hip hop act and pop star.

All of this would’ve seemed improbable to anyone who saw Kings as a young teen, when he was already taking part in petty thefts and being sent to anger management classes. He needed to find a new way forward and the answer came through the love of his whānau.

Kings - 'Don't Worry Bout It' at the VNZMA's 2016
Kings - 6 Figures (2018)
Kings in 2019.
Kings in 2017.
Kings - R.I.P. (2019)
Kings - Help Me Out Ft. Sons Of Zion (2020)
Kings - Don't Worry Bout' It (2015)
Kings - Don't Worry Bout It (Astrx, 2016)
Kings with his artist logo on his hand.
Photo credit: Damian Alexander
Kings won four categories at the 2017 Pacific Music Awards
Photo credit: James Ensing-Trussell
The Bamboos, Featuring KINGS - Everything's Gonna Be O.K.
Kings at his studio with his gold and platinum discs, plus many awards.
Kings - Aliv3 (2018)
Kings Performs '6 Figures' Live On TRL (2019)
Kings in 2019.
Kings and Dan Aux.
Kings - two.grams (2020)
Kings - You Do (Arch Angel Entertainment, 2018)


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