Larry Killip

aka The Zarks, Larry and the Ladders, Killip, Omnibus, Starbow, Rock Me Bananas

In an attractive but unassuming bungalow in Auckland's suburban Lynfield sits a collection built around New Zealand's musical past.

Spread throughout the house is an ever-growing collection of recordings, images, gear and ephemera. The collection, which includes an almost complete collection of Tanza 78s, amplifiers, tape recorders, classic instruments and a visual library of NZ musicians, grows daily as its owner, Larry Killip, captures the increasingly worn and gritty faces of our elder statesmen and women of pop, rock, jazz and country on his ever-present Rolleiflex camera.

The Zarks, 1966 at a YWCA Dance, Larry Killip, Greg Sharples, Denis "Tub" Winters and Terry Bradley
Omnibus at the 1969 Battle Of The Bands, YMCA, Auckland
The Zarks' gear in late 1966
The flyer for The Zarks 25th anniversary reunion in 1990
The Zarks: Terry Bradley, Denis "Tub" Winters, Mike Harrison and Larry Killip
The Zarks at the 2013 Galaxie Reunion: Tim Biggs, Paddy Gibbons (in Omnibus), Denis "Tub" Winters, Mike "Boogie" Harrison, Terry Bradley, Larry Killip and John Morrell
Larry and the Ladders
Larry and the Ladders poster
The Zarks - Jennifer Eccles
Starbow: Dave Read, Kerry Grimshaw, Denis "Tub" Winters, Larry Killip and Paddy Gibbons
Country Pickin', Killip's debut single on Pye's Family label. The Larry Killip penned track would, without the band's knowledge, later appear on a K-Tel collection called 20 Town And Country Greats, alongside the likes of Johnny Cash and George Jones. Although it was a large seller neither the band nor the songwriter received a cent.
Larry and the Ladders - She Came She Came
The poster for the Country Pickin' / Sunshine Town single, which reverses the A & B side from the single itself
Killip in 1972: Denis "Tub" Winters, Larry Killip, Dave Wright, Peter Bayliss
Larry Killip in the 1970s
Omnibus: Billy Williams, Denis "Tub" Winters, Larry Killip and Terry Bradley
Larry and the Ladders' second single, She Came, She Came, released by RCA in 1982
The Zarks in Moa Rd, Pt. Chevalier, Auckland, 1967: Tim Biggs, Denis "Tub" Winters, Terry Bradley, John Morrell, Larry Killip
Larry's contract for Happen Inn, 1972
Killip, 1972: Larry Killip, Dave Wright, Peter Bayliss, Denis "Tub" Winters
The Omnibus at the Tabu Club, Lower Queen St, Auckland, 1969: Paddy Gibbons, Larry Killip, Denis "Tub" Winters, Terry Bradley and Paul Langkilde
The 1ZM May Rock Festival, 1977
The 1971 single Home, produced by The Rumour's Gerard Smith and written by his brother Shade, was a solo single rather than by the group of the same name
NZBC's Chris Bourne writes to Larry Killip about performing on Studio One in 1973
The Zarks' business card
Larry Killip with Rock Me Bananas at Echo Park, 1986: Greg O'Donnell, Denis "Tub” Winters, Larry Killip, Chris Chamberlain and Kerry Grimshaw
Larry and the Ladders: Greg O'Donnell, Denis "Tub" Winters, Larry Killip
The second Killip single on Family, Taken Back To Mother Earth Again, issued in 1973
Larry Killip in the late 1960s
Omnibus at the Tabu Club
Larry and the Ladders' launch invitation at XS Café in Airdale Street. XS was co-owned by Bryan Staff who would release their debut single on his Ripper label.
The Zarks, Auckland YWCA Queen St, 1966: Larry Killip, Denis "Tub" Winters, Greg Sharples and Terry Bradley
Omnibus at Forum nightclub: Larry Killip, Paul Langkilde, Denis "Tub" Winters, Paddy Gibbons
Larry Killip, 1967
The Zarks outside their practice garage, Asquith Ave., Mt. Albert, Auckland 1967: Denis "Tub" Winters, Greg Sharples, John Morrell, Terry Bradley and Larry Killip
Omnibus recording at Astor Studios, Nugent St, Auckland: Denis "Tub" Winters, Paddy Gibbons, Paul Langkilde and Larry Killip
Larry Killip, 1970
The weekend line-up at the Galaxie in Auckland, 1968
The Zarks in 1967: Larry Killip (with an unknown hand on his shoulder!), Denis 'Tub' Winters, John Morrell and Terry Bradley
The Zarks - CC Rider (reunion gig, 1998)
The Zarks/ Omnibus in 2013: Mike "Boogie" Harrison, Denis "Tub" Winters, Paddy Gibbons, Larry Killip, Terry Bradley, Tim Biggs and John Morrell
Larry Killip with his first guitar in 1964
The late Greg Sharples, March 1966
Killip at Aubreys in Auckland's Cook Street in 1971: Larry Killip, Tim Biggs, Steve Butler, Kerry Moore
The Zarks, 1968: Larry Killip, Denis "Tub" Winters, Terry Bradley and Mike "Boogie" Harrison (with guitar)
The Zarks, 1967: John Morrell, Denis "Tub" Winters, Larry Killip, Malcolm (unknown) and Terry Bradley
Ray Columbus on Larry Killip in The NZ Listener, August 1971
The Zarks at the 1968 Battle of the Bands, Auckland: Mike "Boogie" Harrison, Denis "Tub" Winters, Terry Bradley, Tim Biggs and Larry Killip
Larry Killip in the mid-1970s
Sweet Charity at Hatchett's, Cook St., Auckland, 1970: Paddy Gibbons, Larry Killip, Kerry Grimshaw, Denis "Tub" Winters and Paul Langkilde
Looking For An Answer, Larry and the Ladders' 1981 single on Bryan Staff's Ripper label
Larry and the Ladders - Watching You
Larry Killip, 1969
The Zarks by the garage at Asquith Ave, Mt Albert, Auckland: Larry Killip, John Morrell, Terry Bradley, Denis "Tub" Winters, Tim Biggs
The Zarks, 1966: Terry Bradley, Greg Sharples, Larry Killip and Denis "Tub" Winters
The 64th to 85th gigs The Zarks had performed up to mid-1968

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