Larry's Rebels

aka The Rebels

Larry's Rebels part 1: Long Ago, Far Away

In 1962, Auckland schoolboy friends Dennis "Nooky” Stott, John Williams, Terry Rouse and Harry Leki formed a band called the Young Ones, changing their name to the Rebels the followin...

Larry's Rebels part 2: Dream Time

A glowing report about the Rebels to promoter Harry M. Miller from the show's Australian road manager, Ron Blackmore, saw them added to the bill for the upcoming 1967 Easybeats tour o...

“We Were Just Hopelessly, Crazily Rock ‘n’ Rolly!” - The Larry Morris interview

This interview first appeared in Real Groove magazine in two parts in 2001. –– Larry Morris tried a few other occupations as a teenager before he discovered his true vocation of p...

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