Miltown Stowaways

Miltown Stowaways formed in late 1982 from the remnants of Auckland ska outfit The Newmatics – drummer Ben Staples, guitarist Syd Pasley and saxophonist/vocalist Kelly Rogers. They were joined by former members of The Blue Asthmatics and The Pleasure Boys – Mark Dansey (bass), Grant Hughson (trumpet), and Fiona Anderson (vocals).

Ben Staples told AudioCulture how The Newmatics came to an end: “Paul [Rose, manager] wanted to leave. That was okay, but when Jeff [Smith, bassist] said he wanted to leave, the whole floor dropped out of it. We were completely stunned. Mark said he wanted to go to Britain and within 20 minutes everything had fallen apart. Our – mine, Syd and Kelly’s – reaction was let’s go and form another band.”

MIltown Stowaways - Hired Togs 12" EP (Propeller, 1983). Recorded at Last Laugh Studio, Auckland.
Miltown Stowaways - Bush (1983)
Miltown Stowaways - Tension Melee LP (Unsung Music, 1983). Recorded at Last Laugh Studio, Auckland.
Miltown Stowaways set list.
The Miltown Stowaways with soundman Mike Neilsen. Mike and Benny Staples (centre) would later form Lava Lava.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
The Miltown Stowaways: Grant Hughson, Brent (Syd) Pasley, Mark Dansey, Kelly Rogers and Benny Staples
Photo credit: Murray Cammick
The Miltown Stowaways: Benny Staples, Mark Dansey, Brent "Syd" Pasley, Kelly Rogers, Grant Hughson and, in front, Fiona Anderson.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
The Miltown Stowaways at Sweetwaters, 1983: Fiona Anderson, Benny Staples, Mark Dansey and Kelly Rogers
Photo credit: Photo by Mike Hartley
Miltown Stowaways - Tin Mug (1983)
Miltown Stowaways - Strong And True 12" (Unsung Music, 1983)
Miltown Stowaways - Invitation 12" EP (Hit Singles, 1983)
Miltown Stowaways - Invitations (1983)
The Miltown Stowaways, 1983 (L-R): Mark Dansey, Brent (Syd) Pasley, Benny Staples, Kelly Rogers, and Grant Hughson
Photo credit: Deborah Smith
Miltown Stowaways - Strong and True (1983)
Miltown Stowaways, clockwise from top left: Grant Hughson, Benny Staples, Mark Dansey, Kelly Rogers, Syd Pasley

Benny Staples - drums, percussion

Kelly Rogers - saxophone, vocals

Brent ‘Syd’ Pasley - guitar

Fiona Anderson - vocals

Mark Dansey - bass

Grant Hughson - trumpet


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