Space Farm

Although Harvey Mann and Glen Absolum were not alone in embracing the spiritual philosophy of Krishna consciousness which emerged in the early 1970s, they were among New Zealand’s most visible adherents to this path of spiritual enlightenment. So much so that in May 1972 the New Zealand Herald reported on the phenomenon of the chanting, shaven-head Krishnas on Auckland’s Queen St and noted among the devotees in this new cult were two members of “the Auckland pop group Space Farm”.

“Spiritual food in Queen Street” was the Herald’s headline, which reported that pedestrians were baffled as the Krishnas gave away fruit and flowers. “Singing Maha Mantra – mind delivering – chants to the music of a guitar and small brass cymbals, the four Krishna devotees presented passersby with booklets, and specifically blessed fruit.”

A scrapbook clipping of the day in 1972 that former members of "Auckland pop group Space Farm" serenaded Queen Street as devotees of Hare Krishna. From left, Richard Cook, Glen Absolum and Harvey Mann.
Space Farm
Artist and musician Archie Bowie with his Space Farm artwork
Space Farm (L-R): Harvey Mann, Billy Williams, and Glen Absolum
A promotional photo of Space Farm, 1972

Harvey Mann - vocals, guitar

Glen Absolum - drums

Billy Williams - bass

Bob Gillett - saxophone

Murray Grindlay - vocals



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