The Furys

The Furys were regarded as one of the wildest bands of their era, largely due to the stage presence of their leader, the flamboyant singer-guitarist Dave McLean. Despite being a favourite of critics and fellow-musicians, the big time eluded them and they had just two commercial releases. But to their loyal fans The Furys were the epitome of New Zealand pub rock.

Dave McLean tended to dominate every room he strutted across. Rugged, loud and brash, opinionated and often cynical, these were attributes he took onstage, creating quite a spectacle, cigarette in hand and a drink close by.

The Furys, 1994: Rob Galley, Simon Elton and Dave McLean
Toy Love and The Furys at Auckland's Liberty Stage
Photo credit: Design by Alec Bathgate
Rob Galley and Dave McLean with The Furys, Radio Hauraki Greenpeace II Concert, Mainstreet, Auckland, December 1981
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
Dave McLean's solo EP I Need A Heart (1999)
The Furys, 1979: Paul Andrews, Joe Gill, Dave McLean, Mike Cooney and John Gray
The Furys at Auckland's Rumba Bar, 1980
The Clean and The Furys at Auckland's Windsor Castle, September 1979
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
The Furys, 1981
The Furys at Auckland's King's Arms, 2004
Dave McLean, 1985
The Furys, 1980: Steve Butler, Simon Elton, Dave McLean and Mike Cooney
A generic Furys poster
The Furys at Auckland's Rumba Bar, 1980
The Furys 1981 Radio With Pictures tour
The Furys - Auckland Fun
The Furys' 1981 EP on their manager Brian Jones, and Charley Gray's Muchmore label
Techtones, Furys and Androidss at Auckland's Mainstreet, 1981
The Furys, 1994 reunion shows
The 1986 4x5 cassette EP
The Furys, 1988: Martin Williams, Dave Curtis, Dave McLean, Simon Elton and Steve Hubbard
The Furys - Auckland Fun (live at 2009 30th anniversary reunion)
The Furys, 1994: Rob Galley, Scott Rogers, Dave McLean and Simon Elton
The Furys and Techtones at a school cafe, 1981
The Furys, 2006: Rob Galley, Simon Elton, Robbie Peters and Dave McLean
Simon Elton, 1985
The Furys, 1981: Robbie Peters, Rob Galley, Simon Elton and Dave McLean
The Furys - I Gotta Gun
The Furys, 1980: Steve Butler, Simon Elton, Dave McLean and Mike Cooney

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Dave McLean - vocals, guitar

Mike Cooney - guitar

Paul Andrews - vocals

Joe Gill - bass

John Gray - drums

Simon Elton - bass, vocals

Rob Galley - guitar

Steve Butler - drums

Robbie Peters - drums

Steve Hubbard - guitar

Dave Curtis - keyboards

Johnny Scott - drums

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