aka Tyna Keelan

“Me and JB are real different in this game. Just a couple of Horis that do it our way. We are small town kids with a different outlook on life, I’m from Uawa on the East Coast and JB is from Castlecliff, Wanganui.” – Tyna, 2006

Tyna first arrived in the spotlight with Chris Macro, working out of the recording studios at Wintec in Hamilton. Macro was studying music there and booked out their recording studio every weekend he could. Tyna had come back from playing in a covers band in Asia – he was in Hamilton to produce a group called Native Sons. Macro offered to help out with some beats for that project, which led to their collaboration as the Dubious Bros.

Tyna and JB, 2005
Photo credit: Peter McLennan collection
Tyna & JB - Not Your Regular (featuring Chong Nee and Ethical)
The Nok - Magic
Tyna, 2006
Photo credit: Photo by Kari Hammond
Tyna at the 2011 APRA Silver Scrolls with his Maioha Māori song of the year award
Photo credit: Courtesy of APRA
The Nok
Photo credit: Photo by Pat Shepherd
Tyna, Omega B, SMV, and Koma.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute collection
East Coast Girl at Te Papa, June 2010
Tyna, 2005
Photo credit: Peter McLennan collection

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