Auckland’s Vibraslaps came together in late 1983, offering a whimsical and ethereal post-punk sound alongside mostly heavily political and feminist lyrics. The band’s formation owed much to the influence of The Freudian Slips, a trailblazing feminist band that offered encouragement and guidance to other young women looking to make music.

Freudian Slips vocalist Donna (who now goes by Dons) Savage was particularly supportive in convincing young musicians Dianne Civil and Clare O’Leary to form their new group. As all three became friends, Savage decided she wanted to be involved, which kickstarted the first version of Vibraslaps. 

Gina Cole, Vibraslaps
Side B label from Vibraslaps' self titled album, Flying Nun 1985
Paul Luker's Industrial Tapes:  A Spanner in the Works No.1, featuring Vibraslaps alongside Phantom Forth, Eight Living Legs, Exploding Budgies, Kim Blackburn and others.
Vibraslaps - self-titled album inner sleeve, Flying Nun 1985
Performance lineup for Grey Lynn Festival, 1985, including Vibraslaps, Bird Nest Roys, Diatribe.
Dons Savage
Clare O'Leary, Vibraslaps
Sarni Darragh, Vibraslaps
Vibraslaps - inner sleeve from their self-titled album, Flying Nun 1985
Cover of Vibraslaps' self titled album, Flying Nun 1985
Side A label from Vibraslaps' self titled album, Flying Nun 1985
Vibraslaps in Craccum, July 1984. The caption described the group as "an all-women band. Bringing the strength of women together and letting it all out through music, voice, guitar, drums, saxophone and synthesizer, blowing waves through the frequencies that haven't been touched quite like this."
Vibraslaps appearing at Shadows, University of Auckland, June 1984
Advertisement for Look Blue Go Purple from Dunedin with the Vibraslaps, at the Windsor Castle, Parnell Auckland

Flying Nun

Industrial Tapes


Clare O'Leary - saxophone, bass, drums

Gina Cole - guitar, vibraslap

Dons Savage - vibraslap

Dianne Civil - drums, guitar, bass

Sarni Darragh - keyboards, percussion

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